The Super Spy Dress

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Heartbreaker Fashion Super Spy dress in blue

Heartbreaker Super Spy dress blue

[Wearing: Heartbreaker Super Spy dress in blue c/o BettyLicious | New Look shoes and belt | Dune studded clutch bag]

I really wish I had a black beret to wear with this dress. Not just because it’s called the ‘Super Spy’ dress, and obviously (OBVIOUSLY) all spies wear berets (I mean, don’t they?), but because that’s how it was styled on the BettyLicious website (Edit: It WAS styled with a beret, but now it’s me! Don’t worry, the store asked permission for this one!), and as soon as I saw the photo I was all, “Why do I not own a beret? Note to self: BUY BERET. STAT.”

I may not have the beret (yet), but I do have the dress, which was sent to me earlier this week by my new online obsession,  BettyLicious. If you’re a fan of retro-inspired fashion, you probably already know that many of the big brands are hard/expensive to find here in the UK, so I’m always thrilled to discover a new source of some of my favourite brands (they also sell Betty Paige dresses and Esther Williams swimwear, both of which I just can’t get enough of. Ever.), and I was even more thrilled when they offered to let me choose something from the site . This dress seemed the most autumn-appropriate (I did have to add a cardigan over the top after a while, because my arms get cold unless every square inch of skin is covered, and needless to say, my coat was waiting for me in the car!), and I’m a sucker for anything with a stand-up collar, so it was an easy choice, and I love how comfortable it is, while still having that retro feel.

Now I just need that beret. And maybe a trenchcoat. Spies still always wear trench coats, right?

(P.S. This dress photographs as baby blue, but it’s a little more of a petrol blue in real life. Both great colours, just something to be aware of if you’re ordering it!)

Super Spy dress by Heartbreaker fashion



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