It’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas

Christmas tree decorations

Contemporary Christmas tree

tabletop Christmas tree

Christmas candle

flower light on Christmas tree

Christmas tree lights

Rubin and Christmas tree

[♥ Cherry tree c/o The Range ♥ Decorations and earmuffs c/o Uniqlo Table-top tree (sold out online) and ♥ Christmas candle c/o Next]

Up until this year, Terry and I didn’t own a Christmas tree.

This year, we kinda have two. And we already have them up, because “one extreme to the other” is the way we roll, apparently.

This turn of events is pretty surprising to those who know me, because I am categorically Not. A. Christmas. Person. Seriously: I love the day itself, but the whole, breathless run-up to it, with Christmas music playing in the stores in September and grown adults hysterically counting down to The Big Day, while asking if it’s too early to put the tree up yet? Having to answer the question, “So, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?” 25 times per day from the middle of July? Yeah, count me out, and feel free to call me Scrooge, I won’t argue. (And NO, I have NOT done my Christmas shopping yet. Isn’t that what Christmas Eve is for?)

That’s not why we didn’t have a tree, or even a single Christmas decoration, though.

No, our complete and utter lack of Christmas spirit had more to do with our last house, which, as I’ve mentioned more times than is really necessary now, was very small and cramped, and a bit cave-like. Our taste, as you’ve probably gathered, tends towards the modern and minimal when it comes to interiors, and honestly, the thought of trying to cram a gaudy Christmas tree, and some strings of tinsel, into that little space, just made me feel claustrophobic. We could have bought a table-top tree, obviously, but… we didn’t. The thing is, we don’t spend Christmas at home anyway, and neither of us are huge fans of the “traditional” tree, so it seemed a waste of time to decorate a house we wouldn’t actually be spending much time in, and thus our Scrooge-ness was justified.

This year, though, for some reason the new house has made me want to “do” Christmas. I’m not sure if it’s just having the extra space, but it somehow feels almost as if this is the first Christmas we’ve spent in a house of our own (The ACTUAL first Christmas we spent together was somewhat marred by Terry being diagnosed with kidney failure on Boxing Day, and, I mean, THAT’LL definitely kill your Christmas spirit…). I’m not going to go overboard here (See: MINIMAL), but a few weeks ago I started thinking I might quite like a Christmas tree.  ”What’s happening to me?” I asked Terry, panicked. “Am I turning into a Christmas Person?”

I wasn’t, though. Or I don’t think so, anyway. I did, however, suddenly have the urge to start filling the house with scented candles (And, well, Christmas-scented plug-ins), and to think that a few fairy lights here and there might not go amiss, so when The Range asked if we’d like to choose a Christmas tree from their selection, we decided to go for it, and selected this LED blossom tree, on the basis that it was the most in-keeping with our taste. This is actually a tree which can be used indoors or outdoors: because I’ve apparently lost my mind now, I’m thinking next year, when the garden is looking a bit tamer, we might use this one outside, and get another one for the living room, so then we’ll have THREE trees, because I was also sent a little table-top one from Next, and it’s so sweet and twinkly I don’t really want to put it away after Christmas. Uh-oh.

In the meantime, we have the blossom tree in the corner of the room: the living room is still very empty at the moment, obviously, but I really like the way it adds a bit of sparkle without being too overtly “Christmassy”. “Look!” I said to Terry, as we watched it revolve through some of the different light programs, “It looks like a tree from the Magic Kingdom!” And it does. And that makes me very happy. Hey, maybe after Christmas I could just put it in the garden anyway, and it could be like being at Disney EVERY day, only without the rides, parades, MAGIC and … it actually wouldn’t be like Disney at all, come to think of it.

Rubin, meanwhile, is just thrilled by my new Uniqlo earmuffs, and by “thrilled” I mean, “I haven’t actually been able to wear them because he think they’re a stuffed toy, and also that they are HIS stuffed toy.” So he’s happy, too. Oh, and in my final piece of Christmas-related news, I was also sent this Freedom at Topshop advent calendar, which has a little piece of jewellery behind each door, and which I’ve been documenting the opening of on Instagram. I’ve had quite a few people ask me about this, and unfortunately it seems to be sold-out online at the moment, but you may be able to find it in store if you want one.

Happy December, everyone!