Edinburgh in December

green J Crew coat

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Edinburgh;s Christmasmarket

Sunset over Princes Streer, Edinburgh

green J Crew coat

Princes Street sunset

Edinburgh ferris wheel

[♥ Coat: J Crew   ♥ Bag: Kate Spade *  ♥ Boots: Dune 'Sandhurst']

Last Sunday, Terry and I headed to Edinburgh to do some Christmas shopping. As it happened, though, we ended up abandoning the shopping in favour of a walk around the Christmas market, which always sets up around this time of year, with lots of stalls and rides. We also ended up taking about a millionty-one photos, because although Edinburgh is a beautiful city at any time of year (she says without a hint of bias), it was looking particularly lovely that day, with the sun going down, and the Christmas lights coming on.

“Let’s take photos!” I said to Terry excitedly. “Let’s take photos of EVERYTHING!” And so we did. And now I will show you them, because everyone likes looking at tons of photos of pretty much exactly the same thing, don’t they?

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Edinburgh fairground

Edinburgh's Christmas market

Edinburgh Christmas market



No, we didn’t go on any of the rides. I’m scared of… well, I’m scared of just about everything, to be perfectly honest, but I’m particularly scared of things that take you up to a great height, and then spin you around. I was prepared to consider a trip on the ferris wheel, but it was £8 per person, and by that point we’d spend all of our spare cash on food. Speaking of which:

We ate a LOT of food. In the photo of Terry, he’s eating a lamb burger made by Tony Singh, who I didn’t recognise, but whose stall Terry insisted on returning to three times, at which point the poor man probably thought we were stalking him.

The market was lovely, and only slightly marred by The Others, who had crammed themselves into every available space, until you couldn’t move without falling over someone. At one point a very charming American lady screamed at Terry to “OMG JUST MOVE!” and all we could do was laugh (and silently curse her, obviously), because we were so hemmed in by people that unless we’d magically grown wings and floated up into the air, there was literally nowhere to move TO. So, you know, Happy Christmas to you too, Others!


I didn’t get to ride the carousel, either.

I totally will, though.