Linlithgow Lunch

By Linlithgow Loch

lunch table

Linlithgow Palace

Bar Leo


[Wearing: ♥ Primark coat (c/o ♥  ASOS trousers ♥ Zara shoes ♥ Kate Spade '2 Park Ave Beau Satchel *]

OMG, can you BELIEVE that woman is wearing a winter coat, but you can totally see the tops of her feet in those shoes? I mean, if it’s cold enough for a coat, it MUST be too cold to expose the skin on your feet, right? RIGHT?”*

It’s OK, folks, don’t panic: these photos were actually taken a few weeks ago, when it was still (just about) warm enough to get away with this sort of thing, especially given that I was actually only outside for long enough to walk from the car to a cosy restaurant – oh, and to stop and take these photos next to Linlithgow Loch, obviously, because, THE BLOG. They were also taken right after a nice long, leisurely lunch at Bar Leo , where we met up with a bunch of friends for the afternoon, and where I ate my own bodyweight in pasta, and lost all of my lipstick in the process.

This is why I normally take outfit photos BEFORE whatever it is I’m doing rather than AFTER it: I’m one of those people who can start the day looking vaguely presentable, and then end it looking like a completely different person: lipstick long gone, hair a mess [See also: "The Wind Likes To Eat My Head"], clothes dishevelled… and all of this can happen within a matter of hours, too. OK, one hour. SO UNFAIR. I’ve always envied you normal people, who look exactly the same all day long, but alas I am not one of you…

(*I actually quite like the “coat with pumps” look, if I’m honest. I know it’s totally impractical, and I wouldn’t do it when it was REALLY cold out, but, well, my shoes matched my bag so what can you do?)