The Season of the Skirt

gold sequin river island skirt

gold sequin skirt

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gold sequin midi skirt

[Skirt: River Island; sweater: Vero Moda; shoes: Dune; sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs*]

My in-laws are going to be spending Christmas at Terry’s brother’s place in Kent this year,  so because we won’t be seeing them on Christmas Day, Terry’s mum decided to throw a little family get-together this week, so we could exchange gifts before they leave. It was a casual affair, but you can’t have a holiday party without sequins of some description, so I grabbed the opportunity to give the new skirt I mentioned in this post its inaugural outing.

Now, when I ordered this skirt, I wasn’t totally sure about it. I mean, I loved the way it looked, but I always think sequins fall into the category of “things other people can wear, but which will probably just make me look like a disco ball,” so I was a little bit worried that it would be one of those things I would buy but never wear, and God, I HATE THAT. In the end, though, I allowed myself to be seduced, not just by the good ladies of Twitter, who assured me that why, a gold sequin skirt was WAY more versatile than you might think, but also by the fact that it was half-price in the River Island sale, so I decided to throw caution to the winds, because YOLO. Or something. Nope, I totally can’t pull off ‘YOLO’: didn’t think so.

Anyway, the skirt arrived, and I immediately realised my internet informants had been correct, because it turns out that a gold sequin skirt actually IS one of those items you just can’t live without. Well, I mean, you probably COULD, but… you just shouldn’t have to, you know? I mean, it has POCKETS, people. You all know how I feel about pockets. Because I was wearing this to a fairly casual event, I decided to dress it down a little – or as much as a skirt like this CAN be dressed down, anyway – with one of  my collection of trusty black turtlenecks. I’ve found that almost all “what will I wear with this?” questions can be answered with the words “a black turtleneck, DUH,” and I figured this would be an easy way to make the skirt a little bit less formal, and also keep me warm. You have to consider these things when you spend your life prancing around country roads in December. (Yes, I had a coat…)

And so begins The Season of the Skirt. I realised last week that almost ALL of my outfits for the festive season are basically just variations on this same theme, so I could probably just leave this post up for the rest of the year, seeing as it’s pretty much what I’ll be wearing at any given time. In fact, I could probably leave it up for all of next year, too…

gold river island sequin skirt