Twenty Thirteen








It was a funny old year.

And not always in the “LOLZ” sense, either.

I’ll be honest: for the first six months of 2013, I was pretty sure it was going to be that dragon I talked about in my slightly-awkward New Year’s Eve post back in January. In fact, I was seriously considering asking for my money back, and just heading on to 2014, where you’d find me waiting for you all with my feet up, and a nice glass of wine.

In retrospect, though, it doesn’t seem quite that bad.  In fact, it seems pretty damn good. Oh, there was stress, to be sure. I wrote a lot about the stress connected to selling our house, and buying the next one, but there were other sources of stress, too: things I didn’t write about, because I couldn’t write about them, but which meant that by the time I headed off to Miami, at the end of June, I was basically just a great big ball of STRESS.

That holiday marked the turning point in the year.









The sun shone. The stress melted away. Terry slept for about seven hours, under a tree, and woke up like a new man. The house was totally haunted, and really not all that clean, but I didn’t care (OK, I kind of DID care about the “not that clean” bit), because somehow the dragon had been slain, and as D Ream famously proclaimed, things could only get better.

And they did. In the last few days of that trip, we found out that we still had a shot at buying the house we thought we’d missed out on. We came home and moved three weeks later: it was, once again, a time of complete and utter stressfulness, but this time the stress had a purpose, and we knew it would be short-lived, so even that doesn’t seem so bad now that I look back on it from a safe distance.

So, here we are, ending the year in a new house, in a new village, and everything is different.





Well, almost everything, anyway. The  important things are still the same, and the important things are that we’re here, we’re healthy, we’re alive: we made it through another year, and it was a pretty good one, all things considered.







As always at this time of year, I want close by saying a big “thank you” to those of you who are reading this … or who are STILL reading, I should say, because, damn, that was a lot of photos. Sorry. Seriously, though: thank you. This has been a bit of a weird year for the blog: a lot of the time I’ve felt that I just haven’t had much to say, or anything much to show you, and that’s never a good thing for a blogger, so the fact that there are still people out there reading my ramblings, and taking the time to comment on them, is seriously amazing to me, and I appreciate it more than I can tell you.

As a small token of my gratitude, I leave you with my favourite photo of the year:

Happy Rubin

If 2014 is even half as happy as Rubin looks in this photo, I think it’ll be a pretty good one, too.

Happy new year, everyone!