black and white stripe dress

F&F scuba stripe prom dress

[F&F scuba stripe prom dress  // Pelle Moda shoes // House of Harlow sunglasses]

They may look pretty straightforward, but shooting these photos actually turned out to be fairly dramatic. The wind was blowing my dress flat against my legs (and threatening to whip it right over my head), my hair was doing its absolute best to try to eat my head, and every second driver who passed us decided it would be appropriate for him to honk at me, and then keep on honking, just in case I hadn’t heard him the first time.

“That’s it!” I told Terry after the second jeering driver had gone on his merry, honking way, “I’m never doing this again! EVER!”

Of course, I was being melodramatic (again), but it’s testament to Terry’s patience that he still managed to get some usable shots, despite my whining and the wind’s relentless blowing: Terry, you’re my hero. And bloggers who somehow manage to take outfit photos EVERY DAY, despite the wind and the rain and The Others? You are also my heroes: I have NO IDEA how you do it!

Anyway, I bought this dress just before Christmas, and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. I’ve become a big fan of the F&F range at Tesco, and as with the last dress I featured from there, this is made from a fabulous scuba fabric, which resists even MY attempts at creasing it. I’m also happy to report that no clothes were harmed in the making of this post (unlike the last one, say): I DID manage to drop chocolate on it at one point (OF COURSE), but it came right out without leaving a mark: phew!

monochrome stripe prom dress

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  1. Black and white stripes have always been a favorite of mine, but you have made me change my mind completely on bows; I now kinda like them. Beautiful dress, and I bet the fabric is wonderful! (Anything that DOESN’T wrinkle, and or crease, has to be, right?)
    Yay, for Terry who took some more wonderful photos!

  2. Hahahaha! Amber, what I love about your blogs is that your photos are all so beautiful and amazing, it’s like you just float around while somebody take fantastic photos of you while you are looking fab all the time.

    Then I read the text, about how you are getting honked at by cars and screaming at Terry – and imagine an ‘awkward Amber’ carefully tip toeing around a muddy country road trying not get a heal stuck, while holding your skirt down with one hand and trying to balance yourself with the other.

    It’s great!

    I love the dress. The F&F collection has been great lately. The current range isn’t too good though, it’s all pink and horrible cuts/materials. Yuck!

    Corinne x

  3. Love this dress, the only thing which is stopping me is the fabric – is it that really thick neoprene-y stuff? When it says scuba I think wetsuit and I don’t know whether I’d like that..

    1. It is neoprene, but it doesn’t feel like wetsuit material or anything like that, and it’s not super-thick… Maybe see if they have it in store if you’re not sure?

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