green Chic Wish midi skirt

studded clutch bag

green full skirt and matching sweater

“Is this too  green?” I asked Terry, standing before him on Monday morning.

He stared at me blankly for several seconds. I could almost see the cogs turning inside his brain.

“I… have absolutely no idea what that question even means,” he said finally. “I mean, it’s… green? It’s… two things that are green? Also: I DON’T CARE. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME?”

OK, he didn’t say that last bit. I could tell he wanted to, though.

It was OK, though: it was totally a trick question, because obviously there’s NO SUCH THING as “too green”.  Terry was, however, correct in his observation that I was wearing two green things rather than one: this is a skirt and a sweater, not a dress, and I actually had no intention of wearing the two together. I mean, when I ordered this skirt, I just assumed I’d be probably be wearing it with my trusty black turtleneck. You know, like I usually do?

It was as I perched perilously upon a stool, reaching for the aforementioned black turtleneck, that this ancient green sweater caught my eye instead.

I looked at it, and then back at the skirt. I looked from the skirt back to the top.

Could it be…?

Was it possible…?

Were they….

“OMG THEY’RE THE SAME COLOUR!” I said. (Inside my own head, obviously.) And that was it: as soon as I realised the colours were as close a match as I could reasonably expect from two items, by different brands, purchased years apart, I knew there was no possible way I’d be able to resist wearing them together. Seriously, you should all just be relieved I didn’t wear one of the two pairs of green shoes which would’ve also matched this skirt, because then I really WOULD have looked like a leprechaun. Or MORE like a leprechaun, rather. Not that that’s ever stopped me…

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[Wearing: ♥ Chicwish green midi skirt ♥ ancient Mango sweater ♥ even more ancient Rocket Dog shoes (c/o) ♥ House of Harlow sunglasses ♥ Dune clutch bag ♥ Michael Kors watch* ♥ H&M snood]


  1. They look exactly the same hue. When I first looked at your outfit, I thought it was a dress. So I guess this was the perfect pairing, and I wouldn’t be able to resist either if I was you. Definitely not too green! 🙂

    1. I actually don’t think I’ve ever thought about it when it’s on, so I guess that’s a yes! When I first got it, it seemed so huge I was sure it would feel really heavy, but it’s fine 🙂

  2. Winner for the match! I didn’t even realise it wasn’t a dress until I read what you put.

    I’m still searching for a perfect dress in that colour. I have it all planned out in my head, the cut and everything. I just need someone to read my mind and make it.

    You hair is getting long! I’m jealous, I think mine has stayed the same length for about 6 months. NOOOOO!

    Corinne x

  3. I might be really stupid, cause I saw the second picture and didn’t notice it wasn’t a dress.
    It’s just perfect! You look great 😉

  4. The outfit was meant to be! I sometimes hesitate to match my top too closely with my skirt, but why not? Dresses are the same color. You will probably never find another pairing this perfect. I also thought it was a dress at first.
    Beautiful! 🙂

  5. LOL! I actually did laugh out loud at this post. Thanks for making me chuckle! Like some of the other commenters, I also thought this was a dress until you pointed out that it was two different pieces. I don’t think I could have resisted pairing them either. Cute outfit!!

  6. slightly off=topic, but I thought about you when I saw that: Sephora delivers in the uk! (from the US, not from France, do not ask me why). You probably already knew, but your posts have made me addicted. NO, I do not work for them!

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