Boden Nancy Dress

Boden nancy dress in blue riviera print

Boden Nancy dress in blue Riviera print

I pre-ordered this dress so long ago that by the time it turned up, I’d almost forgotten about it, so it was a little bit like getting a free dress, only in a way that wasn’t even remotely like getting a free dress. If you see what I mean.

Having waited a long time to get it, however, I was sure I’d have to wait even longer to actually WEAR it (yes, this is going to be about the stupid weather again: sorry.), so no one was more surprised than I was when I woke up on Monday morning to blue skies and sunshine. “That’s ‘Nancy Dress’ weather if ever I saw it!” I proclaimed confidently, completely ignoring the lessons I’d learned from my bare-legged adventure just a couple of days earlier.  So fickle is the UK weather, however, that it actually WAS warm enough (although only just) for bare legs this time, so even although I felt ever so slightly silly wearing a cotton dress in March, it was no sillier than I usually feel, so I decided to just go with it. I mean, that one day might’ve been spring for all I know, and it would’ve be a shame for this dress to have missed out on it, no?

So, as you can probably tell from this and my gingham trousers post, I recently became a huge Boden fan. In all honesty, Boden is a brand I hadn’t really paid much attention to until last year, but I’ve come to see them as kind of a British J Crew, with lots of preppy/classic basics, some stand-out pieces like this dress, and a whole lot of stuff that falls into that “Things Audrey Hepburn Would Wear If Audrey Hepburn Did a Lot of Her Shopping Online” category. It’s all very “me”, in other words, so you probably shouldn’t be surprised to see a bit more from Boden in the coming months.

I’m also going to dare to hope that you’ll be seeing a few more of those blue skies, but that’s probably just wishful thinking. Still, at least I got to wear my dress. I mean, that’s the main thing, right?

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[Wearing: Boden ‘Nancy’ dress in blue Riviera print // F21 cardigan (old) // New Look shoes (REALLY old) // Gucci sunglasses*]


    1. We’ve been really lucky so far – I just keep reminding myself that we’ve had snow at this time of year before, though, so it could easily happen again!

  1. So jealous, I’m still wearing heavy sweaters with trousers here, it even snowed yesterday! Fickle March weather.

    That dress is lovely and I definitely want to give Boden a look, I wonder if they ship to the states.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  2. Really love your dress Amber, I just sort of want to jump into the fabric and go for a holiday haha what other site would you recommend for Audrey Hepburn type clothes? I’m a teeny, tiny bit obsessed 🙂

    xx Tara

    1. Other than the retro reproduction brands (Bettie Page, Stop Staring etc), I get most of my clothes from the high street – Zara, Topshop, etc! Luckily there’s tons of that kind of style around right now, which is very, very bad for my bank balance!

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