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green dress and mint cardigan

Boden Audrey dress in green with mint cardigan | | UK Fashion Blog

OK, so I may as well get the awkward bit out of the way and say YES, I GOT A FRINGE. I did that.

<Pause while you all yell at me in unison.>

To be fair, you’re hopefully only yelling if you are one of the unfortunate readers who lived through the great “I Cut My Own Fringe” disaster of 2011. After that, I said that I would never cut my hair again, EVER, and you all agreed that that would probably be for the best, because I just cannot be trusted. The thing is, though, once the initial horror had worn off, I realised I’d learnt a couple of things from that experience. The first thing I learned was that you should never cut your own hair, D’UH. The second thing I learned was that HAIR GROWS, ALSO D’UH. Oh, and I also learned that, once it had grown a little, I actually quite liked the fringe. Which made me feel a bit stupid for having engaged full “Drama Queen” mode over it.

Once I’d put all of these points together – particularly the ones about hair growing, and small changes therefore not having to be the Big Freaking Deal I’d previously always made of them – I knew it was just a matter of time before I revisited The Fringe. All that remained was for me to find a hair stylist I actually trusted, and as luck would have it, not long after that I met my friend Caroline, who just so happens to cut hair for a living. And who doesn’t laugh at me when I turn up at her house with dozens of photos of Jean Shrimpton and Taylor Swift, and ask her to make me look just like that, please. Or not to my face, anyway.

(Yes, I know I could take photos to any stylist and they would – hopefully – not laugh at me, but because of my innate ability to take a totally ordinary situation, like a hair cut, say, and effortlessly turn it into a horribly awkward one, I just find it easier when the stylist in question is a friend, you know?)

Anyway! It had been a few months since my last cut, and in that time, my hair had grown to the longest it had been in ages. That wouldn’t necessarily have mattered: I know it’s terribly unfashionable to say this, but I really like long hair (I don’t know if it’s just me – probably – but I find that when you have long hair, people always want to tell you to “be brave!” and chop it all off. And when you say that, actually, you like your hair long, thanks, they act like you’re feeble minded because of it. Just me? Thought so.), and probably wouldn’t cut it at all if I thought I could get away with it, but in this case it was taking forever to blow-dry and style, and the ends had gotten really damaged as a result. I knew I’d have to take a few inches off the bottom to get it looking healthy again, so I figured that if I was cutting a chunk off the bottom, I might as well get a chunk off the front too. Because HAIR GROWS. As I recently discovered.

This cut was partly inspired by Boden’s summer 2013 campaign, in which quite a few of the models had gorgeous, 60s-inspired fringes, so I guess it’s fitting that this dress is from Boden, too. I also totally stole the styling, with the mint cardigan, from one of their advertising photos. I’m a shameless stealer, I really am.

As you can see, I picked a really bad day to try to photograph my new hair, because it was so windy I was constantly in danger of being blown away. (This is one of the reasons that fake fringe I bought didn’t work out: I was always terrified it would blow right off my head!) I’m at the point now where I can’t actually remember what it’s like to be able to step outside and NOT be instantly blown over, though, so I guess I better start getting used to it. And at least now there’s a little bit less hair to attack my face than there used to be…

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[Wearing: Boden ‘Audrey dress // H&M mint cardigan // Prada ‘Baroque’ sunglasses c/o Pretavoir // Philip Lim ‘Pashli’ bag* // Miss KG flats]

  1. It’s a fun cut! And it really works for your face. As a curly top who will never be able to get bangs, I got Fringe envy right now :p

  2. It is amazing how a little bit of a fringe can change up a person’s look completely. You look great with the new style!
    And it is not just you who gets the strange remarks about cutting off your long hair. The last lady who trimmed my hair thought for sure the only reason a person would have long hair would be because of a husband who wouldn’t let it get cut. There really are some people who just don’t want short hair.

    1. OH wow, that’s terrible! Some people really do act like you’re letting down the sisterhood, don’t they? I’ve just never understood the idea that my hair is something I should feel obliged to be “brave” about: er, no thanks!

  3. You look lovely! And as for people telling you not to have long hair, welcome to my world. Ever since the pixie cut of ’09 my mother has frequently told me how much she loved it, and will often try to bribe my hairdresser to cut off much more than the dead ends!

    1. Ah, not just me, then! I do like short hair on other people: I just know I’d hate it on myself! At least a fringe will grow out within a few weeks if you don’t like it!

  4. Oh Amber, this is just gorgeous on you – all those lovely greens, and your freshly chopped hair! I want a fringe and came close to doing it myself the other day, but the OH wrestled the scissors off me. Probably for the best. I will book in with a professional instead at some point. I’ve been growing my hair again, short hair reminds me of the awful childhood haircuts I endured! P x

  5. I love your new fringe (especially in that third photo when you have it a bit on the side) and it’s starting to make me rethink growing mine out. But these photos also reminded me one thing about the fringe – how it made me HATE when it was windy out. Especially if you have a longer fringe, the wind sweeps it into your face and that just drove me nuts:)

    Btw, do you by any chance have a link to a photo from the Boden campaign that inspired you? I tried searching for it on google pictures and couldn’t find any minty cardigans:)

  6. I love the fringe, I think it looks fantastic on you. Just this past summer I actually took the plunge for the first time ever and also got bangs. It’s a huge transition! Also, I absolutely LOVE your outfit, and might just shamelessly steal it for myself! (Double steal? A dress called Audrey, who is my favourite actress, in my absolute favourite color… DOUBLE WIN!). Thanks for another great post! X

  7. It looks really good! Totally with you on long hair, I’m obsessed with getting mine as long as possible and when a friend says they want to cut theirs I’m all ‘Nooooo!’.

  8. I find that a lot of people feel insecure and hide behind their long hair which is why others will tell them to be brave and chop it off

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