Trashy Diva Trixie dress

Trashy Diva Trixie dress and Hell Bunny cardigan

green floral skirt


Hell Bunny Paloma cardigan and Trashy Diva Trixie dress

retro sundress and cat's eye glasses

[Dress c/o Trashy Diva // Cardigan: Hell Bunny’Paloma’ // Sunglasses: eBay // Shoes: Studio TMLS c/o Sarenza]

I know: florals for spring. Revolutionary, right? Also: green. And a big skirt. But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands in the course of my blogging career, but I have to admit to getting really excited when an email from Trashy Diva dropped into my inbox a few weeks go. They’re one of my favourite retro-inspired dress brands: you may remember them from such posts as “That Time I Obsessed Over a Particular Green Dress and Then Ended Up With Two of Them” and “That Other Time I Threw A Party, Invited Everyone I’d Ever Met, and Then Burnt My Face Two Days Before It.” So I don’t actually have a great track record with these dresses, now I come to think of it. Hmmm.

As luck would have it, there was absolutely no drama with this dress, and I’m happy to report that no faces were burnt either. When Trashy Diva asked me if I’d like to try a dress from their summer collection, I instantly honed in on the ‘Trixie’ crepe halterneck in this gorgeous emerald green floral  print. This is a similar shape to my other Trashy Diva dresses (I have a “type”, obviously…), but while those are both very much evening or occasion-wear, this is a classic sundress, which I’ll be able to wear any time. Or any time it’s warm enough, anyway.

Like my other TD dresses, it’s beautifully made, with a big, swishy skirt, which is right up my street, and which prompted much twirling. There were some very confused looking sheep in the field next to this road, I’ll tell you that for nothing. Mind you, sheep always look a bit confused, so perhaps I shouldn’t be reading too much into that.

I wore this dress yesterday, on what was the nicest day of the year so far: I know it doesn’t really look it from the photos, but we even sat outside for an hour in the evening, and I didn’t die of cold – amazing! Sadly, I woke up this morning to the thick fog that has become the norm this spring, and can barely even see the house across the road, let alone any sunshine, so there will be no twirly sundresses today. What was that I was saying about “any time it’s warm enough”?

 Trashy Diva 'Trixie' halterneck dress


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