A sunny day and a skirt with pockets

I don’t like talking too much about the weather here.

Well, I mean, I DO like talking about the weather, obviously. I AM British, after all. I would actually start an entire blog dedicated to the weather, if I thought I could get away with it. It could be called “It Rained Again Today”. Mind you, that would be the content of every post, as well as being the title, so maybe not.

What I mean is that I don’t like talking too much about the weather HERE, because there’s really nothing more boring than hearing about other people’s weather, is there? From this, you can probably deduce that I’m about to talk about the weather, and you’re totally right: go to the top of the class!

I’ve written a bit in the past about how depressed I get in the winter, due to the very short daylight hours, but I guess the one thing about that is that at least it’s to be expected. You EXPECT it to be dark and dreary in the winter; you DON’T so much expect it to be dark and dreary in May, though, so when winter decided to just stick around this year, I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle. This month has been wet, miserable, and so cold that last week I had to talk myself out of buying a winter coat on eBay. (I still kind of regret not doing it, to be completely honest. You can always use a winter coat, can’t you? Especially here in the land of permanent winter…)

As you can probably guess from the photo, however, yesterday the clouds finally parted, and I can’t tell you how much better I felt because of it. I was up before the alarm for once, out walking Rubin in the sunshine, and then later changing into this H&M skirt (Which is one of four I have in this exact style now. I may have a slight problem. Also a lot of skirts.) and not feeling like I was going to freeze to death, like I usually do. Happy days, people. Because all you really need is a sunny day and a skirt with pockets: here’s hoping there will be many more of them.

(P.S. I can’t speak for the weather, but I CAN guarantee there will be many, MANY more skirts with pockets. Oh yes.)

[Wearing: H&M skirt // Miss Selfridge fluffy tee // Paul & Betty shoes c/o Sarenza]

  1. What a beautiful skirt! I’m in love! I’ve bought so many new skirts this year, but I’m sure I can justify just one more…

    As for the weather I’m just hoping for a few days of beautiful sunshine. It seams every time I go out a in a pretty dress the heavens open!

    1. I’m exactly the same, except in my case it’s any time I decide to take blog photos – it can be clear blue sky as far as the eye can see, but the SECOND I open the door, BAM, RAIN.

  2. Finding a pocket in a skirt can take me from – ‘hmmmm, I’m not so sure if I should buy this’ to ‘get in my life now’. It’s strange what a pocket can do isn’t it?

    1. I know, I have no idea why there are skirts and dresses WITHOUT pockets now! I also find them very useful when I’m having photos taken, because I don’t have to work out what to do with my hands!

  3. The weather here has been bad as well, it’s strange that it was much warmer in March than it is now… I’m always thinking maybe I’ll move to someplace where summer is all year long but I doubt it.

    Love your outfit, the skirt is so beautiful.

  4. My mood definitely improves as the weather does. It rained all day Saturday, that coupled with a never ending head cold meant I was like a bear with a sore head all day. Today the sun was shining & I put on a dress & heels. My husband said I looked very summery – it was probably my smile as I’ve STILL got a cold. Lol!

  5. Such a gorgeous skirt. I bought a similar one from H&M last month, which I’ll be showing on my next outfit post, but unfortunately, mine doesn’t have pockets. Our weather has been better lately, but yes this spring was filled with rain, even in Greece.

  6. I just finished a tutorial for a box-pleated skirt with pockets and with a side zip next to a pocket, and every step of the way I had your favorite skirts in mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE skirts and dresses with pockets, they’re just really comfy to slip your hands into and if you wanna head out, you don’t need to carry a bag with you, you can put keys and a cardholder etc inside the pockets and go on your merry way.

    Is this the same skirt as the massive yellow one I used to see around here? That was my absolute biggest inspiration, it is amazing. I’m so jealous there’s no H&M here!


    1. Yup, same skirt, although this one was much longer, so had to have a good few inches chopped off the bottom! They’re really amazing skirts – I would never have guessed they came from H&M!

    1. It’s actually not as cropped as they make it sound – it tucks easily into my skirts, so there’s no need to expose any belly, thankfully!

  7. Hi Amber
    I love this skirt!! THe whole outfit. I can’t wear heels due to my illness, but am now trying to be able to just do a kitten heel. Love the shoe collection, I would just like a bigger closet. I bought a red circle skirt with pockets recently and just love it.
    Please drop by ,jess

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