Forever Amber in the Office Shoes Magazine

office shoes feature

Ooh, lookit who’s featured in the Office Shoes in-store magazine this month!

This was for a feature on “Shoedrobes”, and I’m really excited to be featured, alongside the lovely Sophie of The Folly Boutique. All credit, of course, has to go to Terry, who built my “shoedrobe” from scratch, and didn’t even complain about it either. What a guy! Sometimes I go in there just to look at them. Other times I go in there and think, “Hmm, I wonder if Terry would let me do this in the guest room, too?” (I’m kididng, I’m kidding…)

Anyway, the magazine is out now, but as it’s an in-store one, you’ll need to pop into a branch of Office to pick one up. As if you actually NEED an excuse to visit a shoe store, obviously…


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