Forever Amber in the Office Shoes Magazine

office shoes feature

Ooh, lookit who’s featured in the Office Shoes in-store magazine this month!

This was for a feature on “Shoedrobes”, and I’m really excited to be featured, alongside the lovely Sophie of The Folly Boutique. All credit, of course, has to go to Terry, who built¬†my “shoedrobe” from scratch, and didn’t even complain about it either. What a guy! Sometimes I go in there just to look at them. Other times I go in there and think, “Hmm, I wonder if Terry would let me do this in the guest room, too?” (I’m kididng, I’m kidding…)

Anyway, the magazine is out now, but as it’s an in-store one, you’ll need to pop into a branch of Office to pick one up. As if you actually NEED an excuse to visit a shoe store, obviously…


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