Location, location, location

red pencil skirt and high heels

polka dot t-bar shoes

House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses

Go and stand over there,” said Terry, pointing to a patch of daisies in the middle of a strip of grass.

“I can’t stand THERE,” I said, aghast. “That’s GRASS. And I’m wearing HEELS. I can’t wear HEELS on GRASS, are you crazy?”

“The ground’s dry,” Terry pointed out. “And it’s hard. It won’t hurt your shoes.”

“But people won’t KNOW that,” I argued. “They’ll just see an over-dressed blogger standing in a field in a pair of stilettos. And they’ll be all, ‘Lookit this idiot, wearing high heels to walk on grass, when there’s a perfectly good footpath right next to it!’  So I’ll have to write one of those awkward disclaimers, saying that I didn’t actually wear stilettos in order to stand on grass, it was more that I just so happened to be wearing stilettos, and there just so happened to be grass, and it just so happened to make a better photo than the path would have done. But it won’t matter, because no one will believe me, so I’ll always be That Blogger Who Wears Heels to Walk on Grass”.

“Or, said Terry, “You could be that blogger whose husband got so bored waiting for her to stop talking that he didn’t actually take her photo: up to you!”

OK, he didn’t ACTUALLY say that, but I knew he was thinking it, and that’s how I came to be standing in a patch of daisies, wearing a pencil skirt and stilettos. Which, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is TOTALLY not a “frolicking in a field” kind of outfit. “If I’d known I’d be standing in daisies I’d have worn florals,” I grumbled, as we made our way back to the car.

“The photos will be fine,” said Terry confidently. “Trust me. I’m right.”

And you know, I think he was right. And also modest, obviously. I will definitely go back to that location in something floral one of these days, though…

[Wearing: ASOS skirt (old) ; Hell Bunny cardigan; River Island cherry pin; Schuh shoes (old); House of Harlow sunglasses]


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