The Colour Purple

full purple 50s style skirt

purple Chicwish full skirt


purple skirt and pink sweater

As soon as this skirt arrived, I knew I wanted to wear it with these shoes: it was just a matter of waiting for it to be warm/dry enough for suede peep toe slingbacks.

That was 14 weeks ago. (Er, I know that purely because I Instagrammed the two of them together when the skirt arrived: I haven’t been keeping a bar chart or anything…) I’m still waiting for the weather to improve. Or, at least, I WAS. This weekend I decided I should probably just give up on spring altogether: it was the last day of May, and it was warm, although not particularly sunny, and it WAS at least dry… I think that’s probably as good as it’s going to get this year, so what can you do but wear your suede peep toes anyway, and hope for the best?

Well, readers, I wore my peep toes and my purple skirt, and I’m told this outfit looked particularly fetching with my mum’s grey hoodie, which I had to borrow in the evening, when were sitting sipping wine on the patio, and I could no longer maintain the illusion that it was as warm as I wanted it to be. The best laid plans, and all that.

One more thing before I go: you see that little white square thing in the background, to the far right of the photos?

roadside painting

No, I have no idea. Between the roadside artwork and the buried statues, though, I’m starting to think this part of the world has a very strange relationship with home furnishings. Still, at least random fashion bloggers aren’t the ONLY strange thing you find at the side of the road…

purple skirt and pink sweater

  ChicWish purple skirt      Zara sweater     Christian Louboutin shoes    Ted Baker sunglasses



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