Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Dean Village, Edinburgh

♥  ZARA dress  ♥  Hell Bunny cardigan   ♥  RED Valentino bag*    ♥ Prada sunglasses (c/o Pretavoir)  ♥  Belmondo flats (c/o Spartoo)

(Quick fashion note: I know my dress is really creased in these photos – I promise I DID iron it before putting it on, but then I sat in the car for a while, and the car wasn’t kind to it!)

En route to my appointment with Dean Jones Hairdressing  last week, Terry and I stopped off in Dean Village for a quick walk around. So it was a Day of Two Deans, basically: boom boom!

Anyway! Dean Village is right slap in the centre of Edinburgh, but I’m willing to bet most visitors to the city don’t even know it’s there. I’m willing to bet this mostly because  I didn’t even know it was there, and I spent an entire year of my life living about 10 minutes from it. I mean, I knew there was an area of the city called Dean Village, obviously: I just didn’t know how awesome it was, and folks, it is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME, seriously.

As you can probably guess from the name, like many parts of Edinburgh, Dean Village used to be an ACTUAL village, until the city swallowed it up. Unlike many other parts of Edinburgh, however, it still feels like a completely different world: in fact, as you descend the steep, cobbled hill (hence the flat shoes I’m wearing in these photos: I’ve learned the hard way that stilettos and cobbles don’t mix!) down into the valley it occupies, you actually feel like you’re stepping back in time, no joke. If you’d told me I was on a film set for some period drama or other, I’d have believed you. I’d also have wished I’d dressed more appropriately – you all know how much I like to match my surroundings, but unfortunately I don’t have anything appropriately Elizabethan in my closet. Darn.

Like New Lanark, which we visited earlier this year, Dean Village is a World Heritage Site, and, also like New Lanark, it used to be a mill town: the giant reddish-brown building in the photos was once a grain mill, although the area is now mostly residential. After wandering around the village and crossing the bridge over the Water of Leith, we found ourselves in a courtyard right out of the 1950s or something, with laundry hanging out to dry: it was all so picture-perfect I thought it was fake at first:

laundry on lines in Dean Village, Edinburgh

laundry on lines in Dean Village, Edinburgh

laundry on lines in Dean Village, Edinburgh
Then I thought that these people are LITERALLY airing their (clean) laundry in public, and that if you tried to do that where I used to live, people would totally steal that laundry. Even if it WASN’T clean. Dean Village is obviously a flashback to that fabled “more innocent time”, when everyone left their door open, and you could hang four baby boots on the line, safe in the knowledge that the only people who would be interested in them would be random bloggers.

Zara stripe dress

OH, and before I go, I should probably address the fact that I can’t seem to dress myself at the moment without one of  Hell Bunny’s ‘Paloma’ cardigans. It’s true… I really can’t. I have three now, and am totally planning to buy one in every single colour they ever make, I like them THAT much. Until Hell Bunny entered my life, almost every cardigan I bought would be saggy and frumpy, and generally awful. These ones, however, are short and fitted, and I love them almost as much as all those gingham skirts I keep buying. You should probably expect to be seeing a whole lot more of them…


  1. Hell Bunny cardigans are my new favourites too – and if you’re looking for cropped as opposed to short, try their recent summer cropped cardis. I have the hummingbird one in mint green (see – and I am literally wearing it with everything. It’s the cutest design, lovely material and like you say, keeps its shape so well. It’s love.

    Anyway, I love this dress and I love the laundry in the streets. What’s not to love about tiny booties on a washing line?

  2. What a delightful village! And what a delightful dress, it fits you perfectly. Glad you found some perfect cardies. I have problems with them too, always baggy and ill fitting. Sadly my long body prevents me from wearing these Hell Bunny beauties.

  3. I didn’t know about Dean Village either. You are fast becoming my travel agent to go to lol.

    I still hang my washing on the line as it smells so much fresher when dried outside. You should try it – in your location of your new house it will dry quickly 🙂

    1. Oh, we do hang washing on the line (if it’s dry enough, which it hardly ever is!) – it was the fact that it was hanging in such a public place (rather than in a garden or whatever) that surprised me a bit, not the fact that it was on a line 🙂 I would be scared someone would steal my clothes if I left them out in the middle of the city!

  4. Oh, how I hate it when my clothes never seem to look ironed when I put pictures of them up on the blog. I totally iron mine too. That aside, (I only notice my clothing imperfections not yours, by the way ;-)) it is a beautiful dress, and what a neat little village amongst all those streets of the big city. I absolutely love Edinburgh. I cannot wait to one day go back.

  5. Oh wow, what a beautiful little place! I’ve been to Edinburgh many times but I didn’t know Dean Village existed! I’ll have to get a map cracked open the next time I’m over and see if I can find my way there, it looks like it’s worth it! I love your outfit too, very classy.

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