full floral skirt and denim jacket

Dungeness lighthouse, Romney Marsh, ent

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent


Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

The Pilot, Dungeness

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

On the south tip of England sits Britain’s only desert.

Dungeness is one of Europe’s largest expanses of shingle, and home to an odd assortment of houses (many of them converted from old rail carriages), two lighthouses, a power station, and a miniature railway. It also happens to be home to The Pilot Inn, which used to be owned by my brother-and-sister-in-law, Niko and Rachel, and is now owned by Rachel’s sister, Sue… so you can guess why Terry and I rocked up there with the rest of the family on Sunday afternoon. It’s worth the trip for the fish n’ chips alone, folks (Or ham and chips, in my case, but I’m reliably informed the fish is amazing too), trust me on this.

Terry and I have visited Dungeness a couple of times now, but it’s one of those places I love going back to, because it has this unique, other-wordly atmosphere about it. The huge shingle beach is dotted with bright yellow flowers and the aforementioned houses (The black and yellow one in the photos was the home of Derek Jarman, and is pretty amazing), and I always think it feels like the place everyone would run to at the end of a zombie movie, as the apocalypse approaches. Um, I’m not really selling this, am I?

Luckily there were no zombies there on Sunday afternoon (Well, not unless you count me and Terry…), just lots of people enjoying a day at the coast, and some massive portions of fish n’ chips. I applied half a box of Bandaid to my blister, which allowed me to have a walk around in the Gold Flats of Death, although, honestly, if the sea had been closer, I might have been tempted to just throw them in.

This skirt, meanwhile,  arrived a couple of days before we left for our trip, and turned out to be the perfect thing to pack, because, as well as being one of those dress-me-up/dress-me-down items, it also didn’t crease AT ALL in my suitcase (the Topshop skirt in my previous post was chosen for exactly the same reason). When I tell you I’m so anal about creased clothing that I have been known to pack the iron for weekends away, you’ll maybe get a small sense of just how much I appreciated that…

Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent

♥  Skirt c/o ChicWish  ♥  Dorothy Perkins top  ♥  H&M jacket  (this season’s) ♥ Next flats

  1. The denim jacket looks so good on you! I know it’s not really your classic style, but it is very nice and gives you the smallest waist

  2. Love the skirt Amber, it’s fab and Dungeness looks beautiful.
    When I saw the post title I misread it as ‘A day in dungarees’ and I thought maybe your blog had been hacked 🙂

  3. You look absolutely fabulous in this casual outfit! I love everything in this post, your outfit, house, car, dessert, weather…
    You carry off the denim jacket better than H&M model. The skirt looks much more beautiful here than the merchant’s website. Both are out of stock in UK6 anyway…

    1. Oh, thanks! My jacket is actually a couple of years old now, so although it looks more or less the same as the one I linked to (and is also from H&M), it’s possibly a slightly different cut or something. They always seem to have loads of them in store, though 🙂

  4. Also misread the title as dungarees… is it wrong I got a little bit excited by that idea? Yes. The skirt is cute but dear me that blister looks painful!! Although looks like you might have a Compeed plaster on there – which are the plasters of gods. And if it’s not, totally invest in them – they are the only thing for shoe-created wounds. No I don’t work for Compeed… but I should.

  5. Lovely as usual. Your ankle looks sore. When we were in London in November and seemingly my walking shoes were left in Kenya, i was walking around London with sandals as I couldn’t find any shoes to fit me as my ankles were swollen from the flight. The looks I received walking around Oxford street lol. The nice security guards at heathrow took me aside and said what do we have here. Me I don’t know he pulls out my walking shoes that your uncle Jerry had packed for me, he never packs for me. We couldn’t stop laughing as he also pulled out the camera we couldn’t find, yep you know who had packed it lol. Xxx

  6. Amazing photos! I love it at Dungeness – it’s so eerie there, because the landscape is so weird and the background noise of the power station and the occasional toot from the miniature train just adds to it! I really like how, if you’re not looking at the sea, you really could be in the Arizona desert or something. Nic’s parents live around the coast from Dungeness (they live just outside Folkestone) so looking at these pictures is a bit like home in a way!

  7. Oh, I love the photos, it looks like such a cute and yet at the same time, creepy place to visit. One day. Love the skirt as well- no creasing is always a winner, even though I’m a freak who LOVES ironing. I have to admit I iron things, then they get crushed into the wardrobes, crease to f**k, and then have to be ironed again when they come out.

    1. I’m the same, except without the “loving it” bit – I actually hate ironing with a fiery passion, but I hate creased clothes more, so I iron everything (and yes, often have to iron it, put it away, then iron it again before I wear it!)

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