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full midi skirt

pink cropped cardigan and cat's eye glasses

full midi skirt in blomming rose print

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Well, it took a week, but I’m finally back in ‘real’ shoes again, after my ordeal with the Blister from Hell. To celebrate my return to the land of the limping (because no, it’s still not totally back to normal, but at least I’ve been able to ditch that ugly great Bandaid, huh?), I wore my usual peep toes with a full midi skirt. Because OF COURSE I did. At this point, I honestly don’t think I’m capable of even recognizing that other clothes exist. In fact, I’m thinking of changing the name of this site to “Forever in a Full Midi Skirt”, just so people know what to expect. Either that or “Forever Wearing That Hell Bunny Cardigan, GOD.” Either one would work, really.

This particular full midi skirt was sent to me by ChicWish, and I’m not sure the photos do it justice, because it’s one of those skirts that my younger self would’ve called a “princess skirt”. Actually, what am I saying? My CURRENT self would describe it as a “princess skirt”: because it IS one, isn’t it? And I don’t know about you, but I for one like to let my inner princess out to play every now and then. Or, you know, ALL the time…

In this case, my inner princess ended up looking like she’s wearing one of those old-fashioned hoop skirts. I wasn’t, needless to say, and I wasn’t wearing a petticoat, either: it’s just that, any time I try to take outfit photos, Mother Nature decides to helpfully provide me with a wind machine, in the shape of the ACTUAL wind.  When you live in Scotland, you have to either learn to use the wind as a fashion accessory, or just mope indoors all the time whining about the weather. I mostly do the latter, if I’m totally honest, but I have to leave the house sometimes, hence the hoop-skirt look.

P.S. Before you say it, yeah, I’m pretty sure those are weeds I’m carrying around like a bride on her wedding day, and delicately sniffing. They’re pretty weeds, though, so as well as carrying them around in these photos, I also brought some back and put them in a vase on my desk. Someone has to love the weeds, folks, and it looks like it has to be me…]

floral midi skirt

♥  Blooming Rose full midi skirt c/o ChicWish  ♥  Hell Bunny Paloma cardigan   ♥   Carvela ‘Australia’ peep toes c/o Sarenza  

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