Boden gold jewelled flats


I ordered two things in the sales this year – these Boden flats and an ASOS skirt – and both of them managed to sell out before they could be dispatched, meaning I woke up a couple of days after Christmas to two separate, “Sorry, we’re not sending your order: sucks to be you!” emails. Boo!

I’m not one to give up easily when it comes to shopping, though. The skirt, I figured I could probably live without (If you’re wondering if it was full, 50s-style and midi length, you obviously know me well…), but I’d had my eye on the shoes for a while, so when I read the ‘apologies’ email, ‘disappointed’ wasn’t the word for it.  No, really, it wasn’t the word for it: they’re just shoes, after all, you know? They were particularly pretty shoes, though, and it’s rare for me to find flats shoes I even like, let alone love, so once I’d stopped wailing and gnashing my teeth, I picked myself up of the floor, went to my computer and double-checked the Boden website.

And there they were, back in stock in my size.

There followed a difficult 24 hours or so, in which I wondered aloud and often what I should do. Did the fact they were back in stock mean they’d be sending them after all? Should I re-order them, in case they didn’t? If I re-ordered them, would that mean I’d end up with two pairs? Would that be the worst thing in the world, if I did? Should I email them? What if I did, and by  the time they responded, the shoes had sold out again? And so and and so forth. Honestly, it’s exhausting being me sometimes, it really is.

Anyway, a day passed, during which I DID email Boden (I also tried calling them, but got put in such a lengthy call queue I gave up…), and the shoes DID sell out. GAH.

The next day, however, I received an email confirming that yes, “we’re not sending you the shoes” meant exactly what I thought it did, and that I’d have to re-order them. I decided to give the website one last look, and lo and behold, there they were AGAIN.

This time I wasted no time in placing my order, and as you can see, the shoes duly arrived. They’re now back in stock again in almost all sizes EXCEPT mine, so it just goes to show you that… I have no idea what it shows you, actually. Probably nothing, other than that Boden’s stock levels work in mysterious ways, and that if you want something, it pays to obsessively refresh the webite every few minutes. Not that I did that, obviously: I’m just saying you could. While I’m on the subject, I also didn’t order three pairs of the Bistro crops: that was some other redheaded blogger with some Christmas money to spend, and a renewed determination to buy practical clothes this year as well as all the skirts.

(And, I mean, they were, like, £11 each or something. It would’ve been rude not to, really.)

I never did get that ASOS skirt, though.

gold pointed flats from Boden

[P.S. On the subject of Boden: I get a lot of questions about their sizing, which I find runs large. These are a half-size smaller than my regular size, and fit perfectly, so that’s something to be aware of if you’re ordering a pair…]
  1. I absolutely adore these shoes and I love your determination to get a pair! When I last checked a couple of weeks ago, they were all sold out, but now quite tempted to just have a second look….

    1. I swear their stock situation is so weird – so many of the things I wanted were sold out weeks ago, and have now made a miraculous comeback, even in the sale section: it’s always worth a look 🙂

  2. Arrrghh I swear these beautiful shoes are haunting me! Your the second person I’ve seen in 2 days who has snagged them in the sale, and here’s me trying to be all frugal and save up for a wedding.

    Do you think the guests would understand if we didn’t have a cake, and I just showed them these shoes instead?

    1. See, this is why I hate giving sizing advice – I always worry the person will go with whatever worked for me, and then be horribly disappointed! I think it’s particularly difficult with shoes, because everyone’s feet/comfort level is different, so sizing is so tricky… (Also, I only have flats from them, so the heels might fit differently too: aargh!)

  3. Oh my, those shoes are amazing! Even though they’re not at all Dorothy-like they kind of have a “click your heals” feel to them! I suppose I would say they look magical 😉

  4. They so are pretty. If I find something (especially in the sale!) that I like so much I buy two ‘just incase’ then I feel I can wear them as much as I like and have another when they get tired looking. I have had the same type of pumps from Russell and Bromley 4 times as they are the most comfortable I have ever found in ballet style shoes.

  5. I tend to buy everything in two sizes, since I’m in the USA and so it’s not exactly easy to try stuff on from Boden, haha. I buy what I think my regular size is, and then one size up. And usually I actually fit somewhere in-between and keep the larger size, depending on the fit. I haven’t ordered their shoes, though, although I have seen in reviews that it seems like flats and heels run a bit larger and boots run smaller. I don’t know how true that is, really.

    Their winter sale this year is KILLING me; we are flat broke, and if we weren’t I seriously would just be buried under a pile of Boden clothing. Urgh. And the spring line is looking gorgeous!

  6. Good to know about the shoes as haven’t tried them. I love Boden found it firstly for kids clothes and then for me. Last discount I bought two skirts then realised I had nothing to wear with them but managed to get a nice jumper in the sale so now I can wear them 🙂

  7. I love my bistro crops, got two pairs.

    I think lots of returns sat in the warehouse over Christmas break as loads of sold out stuff was back in stock on Monday. My returns were processed too thankfully.

    I was so tempted to order the flats when they had the extra 10% off but something stopped me. Hope to see you style yours soon!

  8. The Boden logistic system baffles me too. Am currently waiting for the Squirrel Dress (oatmeal). Audrey (bright blue) and the skater dress (emerald green) should arrive tomorrow or on Saturday. The shoes look very princessy/ regency. They are gorgeous – but I guess the glitter low heels are more me. There are three more dresses I covet and fortunately only two from the new season!

  9. They are beautiful! I bought a pair in Navy blue as the gold and black were sold out in my size, the arrived this morning and the jewels are all coming off! So disappointed as they are gorgeous.

  10. I’ve seen so much about these shoes, I love the idea of them but resisted on the basis that all jewelled shoes I’ve had in the past like this haven’t taken long to lose their sparkles- do you think they’re pretty resilient?

    1. Hard to say, really: I havent noticed any issues with them, but I’ve only tried them on around the house so far, so I don’t really know how they’ll wear over time!

  11. Though maybe their system isn’t as baffling – I will return two of the dresses I ordered. Guess they’ll be put back into the system. And returning is something I carefully think about since I order from the UK website and not the German one. The Hartland/squirrel dress however is very cute and the emerald skater dress is lovely, too. And since two go back, I’ll now order the floral Beatrice, the mulberry one, I have ooooooogled for weeks!

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