It’s been another busy week.

I’m sure you’re all as tired of reading that as I am of writing it at this point, though, so, rather than dwelling on all of the things I SHOULD have done, but didn’t, because of the OMGSTRESS, let’s look at three happy things that happened instead, starting with…

Artificial roses by Blooming Artificial

DSC_528401. A floral delivery

I hadn’t been expecting any flowers on Valentine’s Day, on account of the whole, ”Not really celebrating it,” thing, but this beautiful bouquet turned up on my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon, from the kind souls at Blooming Artificial, and it basically made my day. As you can probably tell from the brand’s name, these are artificial flowers, so they really are the gift that keeps on giving: in fact, if Terry’s smart, he’ll just hide these from me now, and then keep bringing them out for special occasions every year. (I know you’re thinking that couldn’t possibly work, but you’re talking to the girl whose grandfather once managed to convince her that her leg had dropped off and rolled under the couch here: seriously, you could make me believe ANYTHING, if you tried hard enough…) I’ve put them on my dressing table for now, but I’ll obviously be Instagramming the hell out of them from now until… well, forever, really…  so while they’re certainly a beautiful gift, they’re also the blogger’s best friend, and I don’t think you can under-estimate the importance of that, can you?

(Side note: my mum got me some cute notebooks for Christmas, and when I thanked her, she said, “Well, I thought you could Instagram them…” And I DID, people: OF COURSE I did. Instagram, I might hate you right now, but I also sometimes buy gifts just for you, and I wish you would appreciate that more, I really do…)

IMG_783202. New shoes cure the blues

Not that I actually have the blues, of course, but I DO have the new shoes now, so at least I’m prepared, huh? The new shoes in question are by Melissa, and I know I have far too many of their shoes now, but when I have ever let that stop me before? Exactly. Also, the main reason I keep buying these shoes is not, in fact, the presence of the cute little bow on the toe, it’s actually because they’re SO comfortable that they’re actually what pass as “sensible” shoes for me. Yes, I heard how stupid that sounded as soon as I wrote it. Seriously, though, as well as being totally water and stain-proof, these have a really spongy, springy kind of insole, with a lot better arch support than you get from a regular flat, so, yeah, they ARE actually pretty sensible, really. And there’s also the bow: enough said.


me and Terry

03. This guy.

Can I get a round of applause for Terry, please? Dude totally deserves it, because this week, as I said, has been even MORE busy than all of the very, very busy weeks that have preceded it so far this year. Now, unfortunately for Terry, a busy Amber is also a very stressed Amber, who can’t seem to get anything done, because she’s just pacing around flapping her hands and going, “OMG, HOW WILL I GET ALL THIS STUFF DONE?!” It’s a nightmare, seriously. This week, though, Terry really stepped up to the plate: not only did he put together the video for my Siam Park post (Which I HAD intended to do myself, until I realised it was literally going to take me all day…), he also painted a wall, took a bunch of photos, and was generally all-round awesome. Thanks, Terry! Here’s an beautiful bunch of flowers I bought to say… oh crap, I totally spoiled that one for myself, didn’t I? Damn.

How was your week? 

[This post was sponsored by Blooming Artificial.]

  1. When I got to the “this guy” part of the post I just went “aaaaawwww…..”. The two of you totally deserve each other, its a pleasure to read when you write about him (and adorable when he comments on your posts..)

  2. I’ve been looking for good artificial flowers for ages so I’m going to check out that company now. My other half is also incredibly patient with me (probably when I’m behaving in a similar way to you…) – what would we do without them <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. You’re holiday video was so catchy and fun that as I was watching it I was literally chugging my morning coffee…I was done at the two minute mark. Two thumbs up for Terry’s editing skills!

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