Today is my birthday.

Um, that’s NOT one of my three happy things for the week, by the way: if you know me at all, you’ll know I am NOT a fan of birthdays, so don’t feel you have to wish me Happy Birthday or anything, seriously. Although I don’t like birthdays, however, I DO like some of the things associated with birthdays: things like…

Office 'Scarlet' pink knotted bow sandals01. Yet another pair of new shoes

These shoes are my birthday gift from Terry. Didn’t he do well? I mean, it’s almost like I totally sent him an email with a link to the ASOS website and a note saying, “Size 4, please,” isn’t it? Ahem.

(Don’t worry, he’ll do the same when it’s his turn: although probably not with a link to a pair of pink stilettos, mind you…)

(Side note: the delivery man who brought me these remarked with interest that it was his first visit to our house that week – as opposed to the 6,987 ones last week, I guess – and then asked me if I was, “buying a lot of stuff for a holiday or something?” I … should probably get back on that whole, “shopping diet” bandwagon, shouldn’t I?)

multi-layered birthday cake02. Cake

This isn’t actually my birthday cake: my niece’s birthday is just a few days before mine, and this one was for her, although I certainly had a lot of fun eating it. As for me, meanwhile, I don’t actually have any plans for my birthday (See: Not a Birthday Person, above), but I’m sure my parents will pop round at some point for a visit, and while I don’t know if there’ll be cake, I DO know there’ll be champagne, because my brother-in-law gave me some for my birthday, and that’s the main thing, really, isn’t it?

looking out of the window03. An easier week

Finally, I know this was one of my ‘Three Things’ last week, and I’ve written about it already, but I can’t not mention our weekend on Arran, which was just the break I needed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but for the last few weeks I’ve felt a bit like the rest of the world was just passing me by, while I sat my desk typing until my fingers ached, so any kind of break from that at all would’ve been a welcome one for me (I’m writing this on Thursday night, two days into yet another cold, and when I realised I wasn’t feeling too good, my first thought was, “Well, at least I’ll have a concrete excuse to go to bed early tonight!” And I did, and it was sheer bliss, even although I felt like someone had hit me on the back of the head with a baseball bat, while simultaneously forcing me to swallow sandpaper…), but we had such an amazing time that I almost forgot how stressed I was going into it. Almost.

How was your week?

  1. Enjoy the champagne Amber (love the shoes), and I hope you get cake….. and, have a lovely birthday weekend 🙂 Love to you, Terry, Norma, John and Ruben from sunny Mauritus xxxxx (PS Will email your Mum soon xx)

  2. I always know when it’s your birthday because Raymond reminds me. Have a wonderful birthday and have lots of cake. 🎂

  3. Cake, champagne, and new shoes – sounds like a perfect day! I LOVE my birthday, and this week I actually scored Hamilton tickets for my next one (not until January 2018, but I’m still super excited!) so it was a most excellent week 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a very nice birthday and I hope this next trip around the sun is wonderful for you! That is one fun looking cake!!!

  5. Happy birthday lovely!! I love birthdays. I get ridiculously excited even for other people’s birthdays. Lots going on here, looking forward to a break at the end of the month!! X

  6. I’m laughing at your comment about the delivery driver- when I get my delivery text from ASOS, I know exactly who Paul, Kevin or Dave are and they know who I am too! Happy belated birthday <3

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