If you’re a new reader and are wondering what in the wide world this blog is supposed to be about, here are some of my favourite posts, to give you a flavour:

Nigel, the International Man of Mystery Next Door
I have an International Man of Mystery next door. Want to meet him? Because I sure would… 

An Introduction to Nigel, the International Man of Mystery Next Door
Nigel is Sighted
Nigel Update
Nigel, the International Man of Mystery in my Attic
 Nigel Alert!
 Here Come the Men in Black
Nigel Returns
Terry makes contact with Nigel
Nigel’s Plan is Revealled

The Bathroom Saga
That one time we remodelled our bathroom, and it all went horribly wrong… 

Toilet Humour
Still Life With Radiator
The Radiators are on us! The filthy bathrooms are too!

The ‘Teeth’ Saga
The time I had two veneers replaced and ended up with orange teeth… 

Dental Etiquette
A Peg Tooth in a Round Hole
Oranges are Not the Only Teeth

Forever Amber: The Early Years
Excerpts from my childhood “news” book and diary

Part 1 – The Blue Moovy
Part 2 – Toylet Humour
Part 3 – Pants
Old Skool Amber

Posts About My Dog

Rubin’s blog archive
The Mysterious Incident of the Dog Turd in the Night time
Rubinman Strikes Again 
Crime Scene, Do Not Enter

Caughty Doing a McNaughty

All of the times I’ve been imitated online
Complete ‘Amber Impostors’ archive

Terry’s Transplant, Five Years On
These ones totally aren’t funny, but I felt I should include them anyway…

Fear and Vomiting in Las Vegas
Two Weeks
Bravery is Being the Only One Who Knows You’re Afraid

Posts About Hair

Gigantic Messy Bunhead Tutorial
The Hair: A Horror Story
At Least I Got It Out of My System 

Posts About Fashion

The One Where I’m a Spoiled Brat
 The Trouble With Dresses
How I Lost a Dress, a Top and My Mind

Posts About Redheads, and How People Hate Them

No One Loves a Redhaired Baby
Now Facebook Hates Redheads Too

Posts About Pro-Blogging and Freelance Writing

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Freelance Writer
A Day in the Life
 Blogging for Bucks

Random Other Stuff

How to Hold a Vigil
In which Terry has a minor operation and I almost die of stress.

The Whistler
Just one of many Tales from the Gym…

Things We Learned from The Famous Five
We owe them so, so much…

A Tale of Two Cities. That we didn’t intend to visit.
Two days, two horrendous plane trips. This is why I’m frightened of flying.

A Day of My Life in Instagram Pictures
Exactly what it sounds like, only less interesting.