should I change my surname to match my baby's

Should I have the same last name as my baby?

I didn’t change my name when I got married. This was actually very slightly controversial at the time: a handful of people have insisted on referring to me as ‘Mrs Miaoulis’ ever…

La Piuma Italian restaurant

FOOD | La Piuma, Bathgate

What I said I would do: Write weekly diary posts, where I would just ramble on about what I’d been up to that week, just like I used to in the good…

Actually, I Can

7 Things To Love About Maternity Wear

I know I’ve been complaining a lot about maternity wear lately, so today I thought I’d be uncharacteristically positive (I do that sometimes, just to keep you on your toes…), and list…

week 21 pregnancy diary

Pregnancy Diary | Week 21

I couldn’t think of a title for this week’s post (Other than the highly imaginative “Week 21 Pregnancy Diary,” obviously), because, the fact is, I’ve reached a totally unanticipated point in my…

maternity basics

Maternity Style | The Basics

So, I wear sneakers now, apparently. Like, voluntarily, I mean. Not because I’m doing sport (I am definitely not doing sport…), and not just for comfort, either. I mean, I know no…

Leesa mattress review and unboxing

A Mattress Fit for a (Super) King

I feel like all of my posts lately feature photos of me lolling around either in bed or on the couch: whoops! The thing is, though, that is pretty much my life…