Hi, I'm Amber, and I'm currently trying to survive pregnancy, one ASOS order at a time. One week after our engagement, my fiance was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. Four months later, I quit my job and started a blog. This is the story of what happened next, and how I turned my diary into a full-time job . Click here to read more...

Dental Etiquette

I’m going to the dentist on Monday. It’s costing me more than I earn in…

Next, please!

So, how's this for crappy customer service? For the last week, the Next Directory have…

My Left Foot Ear

God, has it really been a week since I updated here? Is this thing on?

Yes, it’s been a while folks, but don’t worry, I’m not updating now without a good excuse for my laziness. In fact, I have two!

Excuse Number 1: Work

Yes, that old chestnut. For reasons best known to themselves, everyone wants a piece of me this month. Why? No idea, but it’s actually startin

Wedding planning continues apace…

So, today I spent over £800 in less than an hour. And how are you, today?

Here’s what I bought:


That? Oh, that’s just the private-pool-with-sea-view at the villa we have booked for our honeymoon (or, OK, a small corner of the pool, and you can’t really see it very well anyway, but I didn’t take the picture, OK? GOD.). Yes, we have BOOKED

One Angry Woman

So, yesterday Terry and I headed into Edinburgh to meet up with my Shiny colleague…


Hello! For Christmas I got 2,325 spam emails - lookit! You? As well as the…

A Long December…

… and there’s reason to believe Maybe this year will be better than the last……


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