Hello, I’m Amber, and I’m a journalist-turned-blogger working solely to support an expensive shoe habit. I also like holidays in California, 50s-inspired dresses, red lipstick and ghost stories – not necessarily all at the same time, you understand, but that works for me, too. I live in central Scotland with my husband, Terry, a small white wolf called Rubin, 109 pairs of shoes (and counting), and far too many dresses. Forever Amber is my attempt to tell the story of my life, from the clothes I wear, to the places I go, and the things I do. It’s also a continuation of the paper diaries I started keeping when I was 11 years old, and continued right up until the start of this blog, in 2006. I’ve spent my entire life telling my story in one form or another, and now I’m using this space to bring it all together: I’m slowly transcribing all of those paper journals onto the blog, and am continuing the story in the form of my daily blog posts.

Week in Photos

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! Happy Thursday, everyone else! Honestly, now that Black Friday is officially…