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When my husband was diagnosed with kidney failure, I quit my job and started a blog. Over a decade later, that blog is still going strong, and is now my full-time job. Want to know how I make a living from blogging? Read on...

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Should bloggers talk about politics?

Er, I’m not taking about political bloggers here: they should obviously talk about politics, let’s just take that as read. What about the rest of us, though? The fashion/beauty/lifestyle/whatever bloggers: the ones…

five mistakes all bloggers make

5 More Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

All bloggers make mistakes – and, most of the time, those mistakes are all just part of the learning process, right? Rather than have you learn the hard way, though, here are five…

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The Problem With Personal Blogging

Personal blogs have always been my favourite kind. I know I’ve talked about this before, but, like most people, I’m inherently… I’m going to go with “curious” here, although you could call…

My Blogging Secrets ebook

So, I wrote an ebook…

ell, it took around 6 months longer than I expected it to, and I’m STILL having to resist the urge to go back and change things, but a couple of weeks ago…

what makes a blog good?

What makes a blog good?

his year, I have the honour of being on the judging panel for the Thirty Plus Blog Awards, which meant that, a couple of weeks ago, I had the unenviable task of…

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4 Things All Blogs Should Have

So, my blog is broken. I know it doesn’t look particularly broken, but last week WordPress automatically updated to the latest version, and since then I haven’t been able to edit the…