All I can really say right now is WHY, BODEN? WHY NOW? I mean, other than that you’re a clothing retailer, and this is traditionally the time of year when clothing retailers release their autumn/winter collections. And also because the world doesn’t ACTUALLY revolve around me, obviously. It’s not YOUR fault that I have no money (and still have stuff to buy for my summer holiday), but now I have all this winter stuff I’m convinced I need too, is it?

(Note: it totally IS your fault, Boden. I mean, I’m trying to be reasonable here, but if all this stuff sells out in my size before I can actually afford to buy any of it, I’ll… well, I probably won’t do anything, to be honest. I will be… I will be MIFFED, though. MIFFED. And you will have that on your conscience FOREVER. SO THERE.)

Anyway! From this you’ll have gathered that the Boden Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is now available to buy, and also that I want to buy ALL of it. I’m not going to, though: instead, I’m going to show it to you, so you can buy it for me, and at least SOME of us will get to wear it. I promise this won’t be like that whole thing with the Topshop skirt, by the way, where I said you should buy it, and then I went out and bought it anyway. (Je ne regrette rien,is all I’m saying…) But only because this time I really, REALLY can’t justify buying winter clothes, no matter how much I want them. Or how green they are:

My Boden Autumn Winter 2015 Wish List

Boden Autumn Winter 2015 - Aurelia Ottoman dress

Boden Aurelia Ottoman dress, £89

I want it, I want it, I want it. Are you getting that I want it? I mean, it’s a green dress (also available in red and black, fact fans) with long sleeves: why WOULDN’T I want it? This will be perfect in the winter with camel boots or, yes, leopard print shoes. Which I realise is exactly how they’ve styled it here, but “ain’t broke, don’t fix” has always been my motto. That and “Buy every single green dress you find, EVER.” Speaking of which…

Boden Betty Ottoman dress in green

Boden Betty Ottoman dress, £89

The Betty Ottoman dress has exactly the same neckline as my beloved Marion top: I DIE. LITERALLY DEAD. Also available in who cares, I’ll be getting it in green…

Boden Arianna pants

Boden Arianna pants, £89

These are basically the perfect, retro-inspired causal trousers for winter. If these sell out before I can buy a pair, then what will be the point of ANYTHING any more? (Also in red. Also want them in red.)

Boden ledbury pea coat in mint green

Boden Ledbury pea coat in mint green, £169

I have a mint green coat that’s almost identical to this, which you’d think would stop me wanting this one, wouldn’t you? You’d think wrong, though, because I have the ability to continue wanting things even after I own them. Seriously: I’ll buy something, then a few months later I’ll see it on sale, and I’ll be all, “Oooh, I should get that!” Yeah, it IS stupid, actually. (I won’t actually buy this, by the way. I’m  not that bad. But I’ll want to. )

(Side note: I like the way this model is kinda shiftily sneaking up those stairs, as if she’s just stolen that coat from the cloakroom, and is hoping she doesn’t get caught. I hope she doesn’t get caught either, because it looks really good with her camel pants.)

Boden cashmere relaxed crew neck

Boden cashmere relaxed crew neck, £139

Everyone needs a selection of cashmere sweaters, don’t they? If I had this one, all my problems would be solved, and my life would be, like a kazillionty-one times better. Overnight. I’d also be able to stop wondering what I’m going to wear on that long-haul flight to California later this year, which would be handy, because honestly, I’m tired of thinking about that now. I know, poor me, right?

Boden easy jersey mini skiirt

Boden easy jersey mini skirt, £45

I had NO IDEA I needed a stripe mini skirt, seriously. I DO know I want to be this girl, though, and if I had her skirt, I would basically be her, because that’s how shopping works. I’ll also need the sweater and bag, obviously. I like to be thorough with my single-white-femaleing.

I think that’s it for now. I mean, it’s really not, but I just randomly stopped typing in the middle of this sentence, and it was only when I went to preview the post before publishing it that I realised what I’d done. I think I might need to go and have a lie down…

  1. I was avoiding their emails because i just knew it was going to be I WANT ALL THE THINGS territory… those pants and that mint coat though… argh. Impeccable taste as always 🙂

  2. I can totally see you wearing all these outfits haha! I love Boden stuff, plus fall collections have got to be the best time of year for new clothes – all the sweaters! 🙂

  3. My wishlist is quite similar to yours actually! The lilac Betty dress rather than green, the green stripe jersey skirt, the mint green coat… I’m sure I take a larger size than you so I if it sells out not my fault 😉

    Of course I can’t afford any of it either but the first thing I’m planning to buy is the blue Ottoman Zip top. Just as soon as they process £100 worth of sale item refunds….Gah.

  4. I actually flipped through the catalogue yesterday, saw the checkered pants and mint coat, and thought of your blog! I ended up ordering a blue velvet coat for myself, and now I’m waiting impatiently and hoping that I ordered the correct size. Because what if it’s wrong and when I try to exchange it they’re sold out and then I’ve lost my One True Coat?

  5. Amber, I received the boden catalogue two days ago and fell in love with the Betty Ottoman dress. Do you thing the gress is a brillian emerald as shown in the picture? The color is named Viridian, and usually viridian refers to a more muted blueish green. I live in Italy so I can’t go to a Boden store to check the color and international returns are always a pain… (and my name is Viridiana, I guess me and that dress are somewath destined to be with each other…)

    1. I don’t live near a Boden store either, I’m afraid, so I don’t know how true to life the colour in the photo is! Maybe Boden themselves would be able to help with that question?

      1. Thank you very much Amber, I’ll email Boden. I do like emerald, but it’s so disappointing when the true color is different from the photos, isn’t it?

        (and maybe I should try to check the spelling before clicking “leave a reply”: touchscreens and italian spell corrector are a terrible mix when trying to write something in a different language)

  6. Oh, that striped skirt is so cute!
    I have to say I’m slightly disappointed we didn’t get Aurelia, Betty and Arianna’s stories… 😉

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