If you’re new to Forever Amber, here’s a quick guide to who’s who…

Terry and I on the beach

Me and Terry

Terry and I met at a call centre, where we were both working part-time to pay our ways through university. Our relationship didn’t exactly get off to the best start (i.e. we hated each other), but we obviously grew on each other (like warts), because we got married in 2007, and are still going strong. Terry is a web designer by trade, and we run our business together. He’s also the man behind the camera in most of the outfit photos you see on the blog.

(Er, I’m the one on the right in this photo. You can read more about me here.)



Rubin is our Bichon Frise, and the real boss of our house. He’s ten, but still acts like a puppy. Rubin used to write his own blog (no, really, he did), the archive of which can be found here. Rubin firmly believes that he is not a cute, fluffy white pup, but is, in fact, a terrifying wolf. Please don’t tell him otherwise.

Two mad people:


These are my parents, who pop up here fairly often. They’re both slightly mad, but completely awesome.

Nigel, the International Man of Mystery Next Door:


Nigel is the International Man of Mystery Next Door, so called because, well, he’s mysterious. And he lives next door. Nigel bought the house next door shortly after we bought ours, and then disappeared a few months later. Nigel would occasionally return to the house next door, always under cover of darkness, but these visits became rarer and his whereabouts seemed destined to forever remain a mystery. Nigel finally reappeared in April of 2012, after a six-year absence, and announced that he would be selling up. Rather than actually doing that, however, Nigel decided to wait a further year, just so that he could put his house up for sale at exactly the same time we decided to sell ours. having done that, he disappeared again. You can read the full “Nigel” saga here.

The Others:


The Others are fictional characters from the TV show Lost. The Others is also the name I give to people who are NOT LIKE ME. So, most people, then. I call some people The Others because their behaviour confounds and disappoints me at every turn. The Others are my mortal enemies: they have made it their mission in life to annoy me, and they do this in a variety of ways – whistling, walking really slowly when I’m in a hurry, stealing photos of me and pretending it’s them: that kind of thing. You can read more about my ongoing battles with the The Others here.

Everyone else:

So, by now you’re probably reading this and thinking, “Wow, Amber only knows four people, and one of them’s a dog!” Actually, that’s not quite right, I know five people: although this blog does make it seem like I have no friends, that’s because I made a deliberate decision when I started this blog to respect the privacy of my friends and family (other than my parents and Terry, obviously…) by not posting about them here. I promise they do exist, though. I mean, it’s not like I have IMAGINARY friends or anything. Not any more, anyway…