Caughty Doing a McNaughty



This arrived in the mail today. Bring it on, all you McNaughties out there… (P.S. This makes me officially a superhero now. Anyone know where to get good capes these days?)

The Story of My Life

Yes, it’s another post about people who copy my websites. Sorry, I’d be bored hearing about this by now too, but it really has become the over-riding theme of our lives at the moment, and it makes me so angry…


Saving the world, brb.

Recent events (inlcuding being threatened with police action for writing a blog post) are somewhat monopolising my time right now, so blogging here may be light. Or, you know, non-existent. Hope you’ll all stick around until the dust settles…


Another Amber Impersonator Uncovered

Remember the time someone impersonated me on a forum? Or the time someone impersonated me on a social network? (Let’s not even mention all those times I’ve popped up modelling shoes and makeup on other people’s eBay accounts. Whoops, just…