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Advertising and Affiliate Links: ocassionally uses Skimlinks,  ShopStyle and RewardStyle to monetise product links on the site, which means that if you click on a product link on Forever Amber, I may make a small commission. The revenue from this helps support the site and keep it running: however, if you would prefer not to support Forever Amber in this way, you can simply hover over the link in order to see the URL of the website it directs to, and then type that URL into a new browser window.

I also offer sidebar advertising, and these adverts appear under the “Sponsors” banner. The companies who advertise on the site are not connected to, and their appearance in the sidebar of the site should not be taken as a personal endorsement of their goods or services.

Product reviews and gifts:

While everything you see me wear on this site has been chosen by me, I do occasionally receive items of clothing, footwear or beauty products from various brands. I always disclose the provenance of any items acquired as a result of sponsorship (They’re marked “c/o” in the product listing), and all opinions are my own, regardless of where the item came from. I NEVER accept gifted items which I have not chosen myself, and all of the c/o items I feature here are products which I wear in my day-to-day life, regardless of how I came to acquire them: you will never see me wear something “just for the blog”!

Asterisked items (*)

In addition to gifted items from brands, some of the clothes I wear were purchased using gift cards which I receive in exchange for advertising space on my various sites. These items are different from gifted items, in that they are payment for a service and I am under no obligation to write about  them here: however, as I pay for them with gift cards rather than cash, I use an asterisk (*) to indicate their provenance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!


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