Wardrobe Essentials | The Camel Coat

There are few things in life I like more than a classic camel coat. Well, that and miniature ponies, obviously, but everyone likes miniature ponies, don't they? (Please don't comment to say you hate miniature ponies: my faith in humanity is shaky enough rig...

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When you have absolutely *nothing* to wear…

I can't believe it's the middle of January, and I'm just getting round to publishing my first outfit post of the year. Actually, scratch that: I CAN believe it. (The lack of outfit posts, I mean, not the fact that it's the middle of January. I reall...

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Things Fashion Bloggers Do When It Snows

Does anyone else sometimes match their outfits to their surroundings?  If you answered "yes" to that, I'm going to take a wild guess that you're probably a fashion blogger: because I totally wore this skirt because I thought the colour would pop nicel...

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Hi, I'm Amber, and this is my fashion blog. 

Well, OK, not really: it's not a fashion blog in the literal sense . You won't find posts about fashion trends or runway shows here - in fact, you'll find very little about fashion at all. 

What Forever Amber is, then, isn't so much a fashion blog as it is a style blog. I've always loved clothes, you see: I've always been fascinated by personal style, and the way clothing can completely change the way you feel about yourself, and that's what this site is about. So it's a personal style blog, then, rather than a true fashion blog. 

So, what can you expect to find her? 

A little bit of everything, really. I mostly focus on daily outfit posts (although not so much with the "daily",  to be honest), showing you what I wear on a day-to-day basis, but I also like to throw in a few fashion tips and general thoughts on personal style. 

Speaking of personal style, mine is most often described as "retro-inspired", although that's a little bit misleading: I do love retro style (particularly from the 50s and early 60s), but I rarely wear head-to-toe "retro",  and much prefer to mix my retro reproduction dresses with more contemporary styles. I like to call my style "classic" - you, of course, can call it anything you like: as long as you promise to stick around and take a look!