Outfit | Basic Fashion Blogger

So, I know I said I'd be flooding the site with outfit photos, because I'm just SO! EXCITED! about spring, but actually, it turns out I've totally lost the will to live dress myself, thanks to the whole, "I've had paint in my hair for three days now," situ...

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A Host of Golden Daffodils, Take Two

Want to know where the best - the absolute best - full skirts on the high street live? Well, luckily I can tell you: because that's the kind of thing you get to know when you dedicate your life to buying all the skirts in all the land. Which I have. L...

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Cherry Blossom Season

How do you choose your outfits? For me, it normally starts with one specific item, which I build the rest of the look around. In most cases, the item in question will be a pair of shoes or a skirt (You all know how I am about skirts, rig...

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OUTFIT | Beautifully Unpredictable

I know British people get teased a lot for our obsession with the weather, but there's a really good reason for it: when the weather is as changeable as ours is, it makes it really hard to plan anything, whether it be outfit or activity. I mean, ser...

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Hi, I'm Amber, and this is my fashion blog. 

Well, OK, not really: it's not a fashion blog in the literal sense . You won't find posts about fashion trends or runway shows here - in fact, you'll find very little about fashion at all. 

What Forever Amber is, then, isn't so much a fashion blog as it is a style blog. I've always loved clothes, you see: I've always been fascinated by personal style, and the way clothing can completely change the way you feel about yourself, and that's what this site is about. So it's a personal style blog, then, rather than a true fashion blog. 

So, what can you expect to find her? 

A little bit of everything, really. I mostly focus on daily outfit posts (although not so much with the "daily",  to be honest), showing you what I wear on a day-to-day basis, but I also like to throw in a few fashion tips and general thoughts on personal style. 

Speaking of personal style, mine is most often described as "retro-inspired", although that's a little bit misleading: I do love retro style (particularly from the 50s and early 60s), but I rarely wear head-to-toe "retro",  and much prefer to mix my retro reproduction dresses with more contemporary styles. I like to call my style "classic" - you, of course, can call it anything you like: as long as you promise to stick around and take a look!