white polka dot pencil dress with black flats
white blazer over polka dot dress
white blazer, polka dot dress, black ballet flats

This photoshoot was one of the easier ones I’ve done for this blog (Well, a wall like that is basically a gift to a fashion blogger, isn’t it?), but it was also one of the most awkward.

I mean, I’m used to people staring at me as they pass by when I’m taking photos, but the thing is, I’m ALSO used to them actually passing by. This time, however, a couple of curious tourists apparently decided I was some kind of street entertainer or something, so they just stopped to watch: and then, when we kept on shooting, they found a nearby bench, and settled in for the show. They even took out snacks and everything. Yeah, it was pretty mortifying, to be honest. I’ve no idea what kind of entertainment they thought I was providing, but I can only assume they were disappointed, because I didn’t get a tip or anything. I guess I’ll have to abandon the plan to take my show on the road?

Anyway, this obviously wasn’t my first rodeo, and “awkward” is how I operate most of the time, so I toughed it out in order to document the wearing of this dress, which was a Zara bargain from a couple of years ago. And when I say “it was a bargain”, I mean, “It was £25, so I obviously bought it in navy, too.” (J Crew are currently selling this similar one, but … it’s J. Crew, so it’s not £25.) Just as obviously, I wore it with that white blazer which has featured in almost all of my posts lately. Sadly, this was the day I asked Terry to hold said blazer while I took a photo of something, and he dropped it in a pile of dirty. (EDIT: That was obviously supposed to read “a pile of dirt”. I came in here to fix it as soon as I spotted the typo, but I actually think I’m going to just try to make that phrase A Thing, instead. Can we do that? Like, “Ooh, look at that big pile of dirty!” or “I felt like throwing her into a giant pile of dirty!”) It doesn’t look so good now, that blazer.

Good job I got that replacement, huh?

white dress, white wall

Zara dress (similar) and blazer (this season’s); New Look flats

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  1. “They even took out snacks and everything. ” I just snorted tea out my nose at this (I am winning at the classy look today). What did they think you were going to do???? Maybe they thought you were one of those statue people you see in towns sometimes…………………

    1. You know, I did wonder that! We saw those people EVERYWHERE on holiday, so I wondered if they thought I was one of them, or some other kind of street performer or something? I also had someone come up to me (not on this day) and ask if I was doing a photoshoot “Like, for Vogue or summat?” though, so it might just be the giant camera that makes them think something interesting is going to happen! They must be so disappointed when it turns out to be just some radom blogger popping her hip!

  2. I’d like to think that by now people should know that if you’re taking pictures, you’re a blogger OR a very well dressed tourist. Well, that last one does not usually happen. It it seldom if EVER that I see a well dressed tourist.

  3. Very nice ensemble! I wonder what is wrong with people these days… I mean, the odd look is normal, even stopping for a minute to look may be ok, but sitting on a bench, getting out the food, and then watching insistently for several minutes someone who’s just trying to get some nice photos of their holiday, that’s a bit weird, lol!

  4. HA! I’ve never had someone sit down and take out snacks, that’s hilarious. I’ve had people stop and watch for a while, but they usually at least get bored when I don’t do a dance or something and move along…

  5. It is a beautiful dress, and a beautiful blazer also. I am searching for years for a dress with shape like that (boat neck, that midi length just a little under knees) . It looks so classy!

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