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Maternity Style | Little Black ( Spotted) Dress

So, I seem to have reached a point in this pregnancy where I basically don’t have a waist any more, and all anyone ever wants to talk to me about is how…

Advice I’m Glad I Didn’t Take

UK lifestyle blog

Unsolicited advice is the worst, isn’t it? Even when people mean well, the advice you didn’t ask for is almost always a little bit patronising, a little bit awkward, and often just plain wrong. In fact, even the advice you DO ask for can end up steering you down a totally wrong path, and recently I got…

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Livingston Designer Outlet Mall, West Lothian, Scotland

A Shopping Date at Livingston Designer Outlet Mall

I love shopping. I mean, I’m not going to say something cheesy, like “shopping is my cardio” or anything, but guys? Shopping is totally my cardio. And I realise this will come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to anyone who knows me, but while it’s true to say that I do most of my shopping…

Good Vibes Only

Why are people so negative about parenthood?

“You’re a glutton for punishment!” “I hope you aren’t planning to sleep again any time soon!” As soon as you announce a pregnancy, the comments start rolling in – and while many of them are positive, of course, it’s amazing just how many of them revolve around the theme of, “Haha, you’ve totally ruined your…

State of the Blog Address

State of the Blog Address

have to once again thank you all for your lovely comments on my last two posts. I’m not going to lie, things are pretty tough right now, but we’re taking it day by day, and drawing a lot of strength from Terry’s mum, who is being absolutely amazing. I mean, she went to Bingo last…