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cherry print dress

Miss Cherry Pie

I think at this point we should probably all take a moment to stop whatever we’re doing and give September a standing ovation. September, you’ve been AWESOME. And, I mean, I know you’re not quite over yet, which means you…

BloG Design Tips for beginners

Blog Design Tips for Beginners

Want to see something funny? It’s my first-ever blog template (or a version of it, anyway: I couldn’t find the VERY first incarnation, but it looked much like this, with a few small differences): a Typepad theme, heavily customised by…


A Whiter Shade of Pale

Well, guess which song YOU’RE going to have stuck in your head all day now, huh? My gift to you, people: you’re welcome. And before you hate me too much, know that I wrote this post yesterday, and that I,…


In The Line of Duty

I really hope you enjoy these photos, fair readers, because you see that skirt? That huge, yellow skirt? That skirt is probably the biggest one I own, in terms of sheer amount of fabric. Seriously, you should see me trying…


The Trouble With Flats

  Remember when I said I’d never wear flats, like, EVER, EVER again? EVER? You all got that I was just kidding myself, didn’t you? The the thing is, I DO actually like flats, and this year I’ve been wearing…


Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre and Tower

After our experience on The London Eye, I’m guessing it’ll come as no surprise to anyone to learn that, no, we absolutely did NOT go up the tower at the Glasgow Science Centre. Nuh-uh. (It’ll be even less of a…


The Canterbury Tales

On our last day in Kent, Terry and I decided to make a pilgrimage to Canterbury, with a knight, a monk, a prioress, a miller and  man of law. Oh no, wait: that’s Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, isn’t it? MY Canterbury…

The London Eye

The London Eye

What do you do when you’re scared of heights, and you want to see as much of London as you can, in a very short space of time? Why, you book yourself a couple of tickets on The London Eye,…


A Day in Dungeness

On the south tip of England sits Britain’s only desert. Dungeness is one of Europe’s largest expanses of shingle, and home to an odd assortment of houses (many of them converted from old rail carriages), two lighthouses, a power station, and…

Buckingham Palace, London

London Calling

♥  Topshop skirt (via eBay)  ♥  River Island top  ♥   River Island shoes Slightly different backdrop for the ol’ outfit photos this week, folks! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that Terry and I spent the…

running along the beach

The True Story of a Day at the Beach

♥  ASOS dress (almost identical version)  ♥  Target sunhat  ♥  Gucci sunglasses ♥ Vintage belt I could just let these photos stand alone, telling the happy tale of a sunny day at the beach: a day on which no-one almost stood…

vote x only once

Vote (X) Only Once

I’ve reached the point where it feels weird not to mention the Referendum. Actually, I’ll be honest: it’s felt weird for MONTHS now. The truth is, although this is, for the most part, a light-hearted look at my life through…

mystery garden gnomes

There’s No Place Like Gnome

Remember the saga of The Ducks? For those of you who can’t be bothered clicking that link: a couple of years ago, while we were on holiday in Florida, rubber ducks started appearing in the bathroom I was using. I’d…

cherry cupcake

Coffee & Cake

I give you fair warning, readers: this post is basically just cake porn. There are worse things in the world, though, right? This week, the weather randomly decided to suck a little less than it usually does at this time…

ELF lip lock pencil

Reading / Trying / Watching / Buying

“Hey,  Amber! Where’s your monthly roundup, in which you routinely bore us with news of what you’ve been reading, trying, watching and buying?” I hear you all cry? Well, your wish is my command! This month I’ve been… We Are…


10 Random Facts

I’ve been blogging for such a long time now that I don’t normally take part in any of the “list random facts about yourself” memes that are always floating around the internet,  purely because I’ve done quite a few of them now,…


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