Balancing Act

  After all of my obsessing over stripe skirts last week, I thought now might be a good time to publish these photos - if only to remind myself that I REALLY don't need another one.  Actually, though, it hasn't really worked: not just...

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California Diary | Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner

I've always been fascinated by roadside America. You know all of those random - and often quite bizarre - little places you find right slap in the middle of the desert, or on some back road, miles from habitation? The ones you look at and think, "Who on earth...

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Dressing for the Weather

Well, it's a good job I took all of those outfit photos on holiday, because I haven't managed to take a single one since I got back - over 3 weeks ago. Actually, that's not true: I did take some photos last week, but the outfit was so boring I didn'...

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Do you know who’s commenting on your blog?

My very first pro-blogging job was for a TV blog. Because it was my first-ever freelance blogging gig, I was particularly keen to do well and make a good impression, so when I started receiving some particularly vicious, and very personal, comments on some o...

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11 Things Redheads Are Sick of Hearing

When you have red hair, you get used to people making a Big Deal about it - for both positive and negative reasons. My hair colour is often the first thing people mention when they meet me (of course, it doesn't help that my name is 'Amber': if I had a pound ...

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Hi, I’m Amber, and I make a living by writing about my life on the internet. I know, weird, huh? This site is basically my diary: I’ll show you what I wear, what I get up to, and how you can make a living on the internet, too. Come on in…

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