Hi, I’m Amber, and I make a living by writing about my life on the internet. I know, weird, huh? This site is basically my diary: I’ll show you what I wear, what I get up to, and how you can make a living on the internet, too. Come on in…

Forever Amber
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My Week

Well, that bug I thought I'd got rid of last week came back with a vengeance. This has actually become something of a December tradition for me: I get sick, I get better... then, a few days later, I get sick again. I'm fairly sure it's the universe's way of t...

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A Day of My Life in Pictures | November 2015

It's been a while since my last Day of My Life in Pictures, and when I published that post, I HAD intended to do one every month - or every season, at least.  Well, that obviously didn't happen, but I do still like the idea of documenting random days for post...

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