Hi, I’m Amber, and I make a living by writing about my life on the internet. I know, weird, huh? This site is basically my diary: I’ll show you what I wear, what I get up to, and how you can make a living on the internet, too. Come on in…

Forever Amber
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Week in Photos | These Things Come in Threes

On Saturday, the treadmill stopped working. So, sure, it wasn't the best timing given that just two days earlier I'd promised to walk/run 10,000 steps every single day in October, but still, no biggie, right? The treadmill was still under warranty (only just,...

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Week (or two) in Photos | ZZYZX

Well, assuming everything goes to plan, by the time you read this, I should be back down to earth - hopefully not with too much of a bump, but then again, you never really know, do you? As with all of the posts I've published during my vacation, I'm schedul...

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Week in Photos | Ship to Wreck

Well, this week has been mostly taken up by holiday prep, which I realise I'm talking far too much about, but one of the downsides of personal blogging is that the blog ends up being taken over by whatever the blogger happens to be doing at the time, and t...

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