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    The Last of the Wiggle Dresses

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how I became a professional blogger

How I Became a Professional Blogger | Part 1

In the very first post of my blogging tips series, Gillian asked me if I’d share the story of how I became a professional blogger, and because I love talking about myself  my last couple of posts in this series…

Rubiman, the amazing bichon frise

Pawsome: absolutely Pawsome

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shown you a beauty box and a lifestyle box. It’s only fair that I show you a doggie box too, isn’t it? Wait, wait: lower your expectations here, folks, it’s NOT a box full…

ASOS wiggle dress

Last of the Wiggle Dresses

Well, after a couple of weeks of me sulking around the house and declaring that summer was, like, SO LAST SEASON, the sun decided to grace us with its presence again this week, and I SHOULD THINK SO TOO, AUGUST. It…


OUTFIT | Trashy Diva turquoise florals

OK, so this whole “constant cardigan” thing is just starting to get embarrassing now, isn’t it? I mean, you know how some fashion bloggers do features where they’ll wear a week’s worth of dresses, or a month-long ‘remix’ challenge or…



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Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre and Tower

After our experience on The London Eye, I’m guessing it’ll come as no surprise to anyone to learn that, no, we absolutely did NOT go up the tower at the Glasgow Science Centre. Nuh-uh. (It’ll be even less of a…


The Canterbury Tales

On our last day in Kent, Terry and I decided to make a pilgrimage to Canterbury, with a knight, a monk, a prioress, a miller and  man of law. Oh no, wait: that’s Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, isn’t it? MY Canterbury…

The London Eye

The London Eye

What do you do when you’re scared of heights, and you want to see as much of London as you can, in a very short space of time? Why, you book yourself a couple of tickets on The London Eye,…

Lazy Saturday Morning

Lazy Saturday Morning

  I know Sunday is many people’s official day of rest, but for me it’s all about the Saturday mornings. They’re one of my favourite parts of the week. Mostly because I’m lazy. Sundays are good too, obviously. But Sundays…

green full skirt

Ready to Rhumble

♥  Green Choies skirt* ♥ Dune shoes and handbag  ♥  Hell Bunny cardigan  ♥  Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses*  A couple of months ago, my mum, who has been entering competitions pretty much indiscriminately for years now, announced that her…


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