Hi, I’m Amber, and I make a living by writing about my life on the internet. I know, weird, huh? This site is basically my diary: I’ll show you what I wear, what I get up to, and how you can make a living on the internet, too. Come on in…

Forever Amber
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Home Comforts

Well, it's been another busy week: it was my dad's birthday on Monday, and Terry's on Thursday (I have a post planned on that for next week), and between those two events, plus a bunch of other, less-interesting happenings, let's just say I'm surprised I haven...

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A Dog’s Dinner

On Thursday morning, I was up first. I blearily made my way downstairs, let Rubin out, and began going through the motions of the morning routine, totally on autopilot. I was thinking about something else (actually, I was thinking about what I'd wear for th...

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A Tale of Two Dresses

Last week was all bare legs, ice-cream and, well, electric fences. But we don't talk about that. Much. This week, by contrast,was more like this: It snowed. And hailed. And was just generally cold and miserable, and OMG, WHERE IS SPRING? I was not am...

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