I’ve called this post ‘Random Beauty Product Reviews’, purely because ‘here are some products I don’t have time to do proper reviews for’ doesn’t really sound as good, does it? I mean, ‘Random Beauty Product Reviews’ could be a Thing: an intentional Thing, maybe even a regular Thing. The other one, meanwhile, just sounds like a Lazy Thing, and that just won’t do.

It is TRUE, though: these are all products I’ve had lying around for a while now, and I WAS intending to do reviews for all of them, but honestly, not all items really need/deserve an in-depth review, so I figured why not just throw them all together, and give you some quick info which might help you decide whether or not you want to try them for yourself. So here they are!

random beauty product reviews



This was sent to me as part of a Birchbox collaboration, and I had really high hopes of it, because it gets amazing reviews. This isn’t going to be one of them, unfortunately, because I honestly don’t see any difference to my pores at all when I use it: they’re not super-obvious to start with, to be fair, but they look exactly the same both pre and post application, so I was a little underwhelmed, really. On the plus side, this does create a smooth base for foundation, so I’d say it’s a pretty good primer, but not so great on the pore-shrinking front.


This is a perfect colour match for my browns, being a bit redder than the name suggests, so the ‘brow natural’ bit is definitely correct for me. Unfortunately the application leaves a lot to be desired: it’s a marker-pen, which I thought I’d like, but I find it almost impossible to get the colour to actually come out of the thing and onto my skin. I’m not sure if I just picked up a dud pen or something (I have the matching eyeliner from this brand, which I mentioned earlier this week, and I really like it), but I think I’ll probably stick to pencil-based brow products in the future. Great colour for redheads, though, so there is that.


I swear by clear lip liners, which are an absolute must for people without lips – they make sure you don’t colour outside the totally made-up lipline you just drew on when you’re applying you’re lipstick, but they don’t create a visible outline, like regular liners can. This one was only £1, and I have no complaints: it even has a little built-in sharpener in the lid, which is a great idea. (Note to self: totally forgot to put this into my travel makeup bag – whoops!)

brow pencil and lip liner


This sunscreen is SPF 30, which is lower than I’d usually go for, but high enough for the typical British summertime. It was sent as a sample by the brand, and I’ve been using it on my face, even although it’s not specifically a facial sunscreen. It does work as one, although, as you might expect, it’s quite thick, and requires a bit of time to sink in properly. This is actually designed for sports use, and I’ve worn it on the couple of outdoor runs I’ve managed this summer: I was pretty impressed with it for that purpose, because it stayed put for the full hour, and didn’t have a super-strong smell, like some similar products I’ve tried. If I’m going to be wearing makeup on top, I’d still go for my Chanel sunscreen, which feels more like a moisturiser, and is easier to apply foundation over, but this is a good option for exercise. I was also sent the Sun Protection Mist, which comes in a spray can (my preferred type of sunscreen for the body): it’s a little bit greasy on first application, but dries in fine, and overall, I’ve no complaints – oh, and it’s SPF50, too, which is great.


This snuck its way into a recent H&M order, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I’ve been favouring pen/pencil style lip colour over traditional lipsticks lately, purely because I find them a bit easier to apply, and this one is a very matte red, which is quite long-lasting. It’s fairly dry, and does drag a bit when you’re applying it, so it’s not perfect by any means, but it smells amazing, which is neither here nor there, really, but a nice, added bonus. Here’s what it looks like on:

H&M lipstick pencil in Paint the Town Red

(My top, by the way is c/o Choies, and is one of the items I had to run home from the post office with: the joys!)

On another note, I’m STILL having issues with Bloglovin’ and am STILL being resolutely ignored by them, despite numerous emails, tweets etc. If you’re following me there, er, don’t, basically – maybe try Twitter instead!

  1. Hello Amber,
    I propose a bloglovin foreveramber followers strike in support! Let’s all march in midi lenght dresses to intimidate them!

    I hope for you they’ll settle everything before your vacations.

    Thank you for the porefessional review especially. It’s one of my main concerns and I’m fed up with buying uneffective stuff.

  2. I wonder if Bloglovin is punishing you for not entering their competition? Perhaps they decided to sabotage you! I really hope they get it sorted soon – I only use Bloglovin to follow blogs, I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. If the issues carry on too long, I will sign up by email, or just carry on checking in every now and then, like I am now! Love that Choies top by the way, blue is one of my favourite colours, and it looks good on you too!

    1. I have to admit, it did cross my mind that it could be some kind of “punishment” for that post! I’d like to think they wouldn’t be that petty, but the fact that they’ve been ignoring every single attempt I’ve made to contact them doesn’t really speak well of them!

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