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Paper Surprise

Remember my birthday surprises, and how you thought there was no way I could possibly still be talking about them in MAY, considering my birthday was in March? You were wrong. I still had one surprise Read more [...]

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Engraving Surprise

After all of the complaining that went down in the comments section of my post about Terry's results, I figured it was time to lighten the atmosphere a little with one of our regularly scheduled "surprise" Read more [...]

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Crispy Surprise

As well as jelly sweets, one of my other favourite food groups is the Crispy Cake: you know, just like your mother used to make? And, lo! The Crispy Surprise turned out to be: Three crispy cakes, Read more [...]

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Wax Surprise

On Sunday night Terry offered to run me a bath. Well, of course I agreed, but little did I know that Terry was about to spring the WAX SURPRISE - duh duh DUH! Because I am stupid, it took me a few Read more [...]

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Rubin’s Surprise

Well, would you look at that: looks like I DIDN'T find anything other than my birthday surprises to write about this week after all! Let's just pretend I did, OK? I won't tell if you don't... Anyway, Read more [...]

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Gel Surprise

As many of you have long since realised, I am secretly only eight years old. So when I woke up on Saturday morning and found this sitting on my desk waiting for me, naturally I shrieked like a child: And Read more [...]

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Surprise Red

I hate Fridays. Hate them. I know all the cool kids hate Mondays, but I reserve my ire for Friday, which is The Day From Hell for me, because, for reasons too complicated and boring to go into here, that's Read more [...]

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Sparkle Surprise

I called in the "Sparkle Surprise"... .... and discovered that Terry now has to be responsible for all house-cleaning duties (including ironing, yay!) for the next week.  So my house will... sparkle.  Read more [...]

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Surprise, surprise!

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I didn't mention it at the time because, well, I hate birthdays.  And because I was sulking and feeling hard-done-by on account of the fact that, wah, I just got older! But Read more [...]

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