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FASHUN BLOGGING = SO HARD, you guys! Witness:   In other news (which will be totally repeated news if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter: sorry!), yesterday morning we Read more [...]

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Happy Halloween!

I know it's not actually Halloween until tomorrow, but my mum just emailed me this photo of Rubin (he stayed with my parents' last night while we were out partying: we're heading off to pick him up soon!), Read more [...]

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Random Rubinman

It's been a horrendously stressful couple of weeks. This is the kind of thing that's been helping us get through it: Well, that and the wine. Oh, and watching my parents and Terry slide down Arthur's Read more [...]

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In the doghouse

Remember the shirt Terry got for completing his 10k run on the weekend? It was white. Pristine. It had the name of the race on the front of it, and, this being the first race of this type Terry had Read more [...]

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