nautical inspired summer outfit

Amber’s Adventures | Inchmahome Island Adventure

♥ H&M skirt  (similar) ♥  F21 top  (similar) ♥  Target hat  ♥  Gucci sunglasses  ♥  Latinas shoes c/o Sarenza ast week we continued our bid to follow the sun around the country, almost as if the sun was some kind…

Forever Amber | A Happy Place

Happy Place

Last week, Terry and I were talking about how some people have a “happy place”. “Go to your happy place!” they’ll say, in moments of stress, and we’ll be all, “Huh? Whaddya mean, ya bunch of hippies?” (Well, OK, maybe…


The Colour Purple

  As soon as this skirt arrived, I knew I wanted to wear it with these shoes: it was just a matter of waiting for it to be warm/dry enough for suede peep toe slingbacks. That was 14 weeks ago….


Location, location, location

o and stand over there,” said Terry, pointing to a patch of daisies in the middle of a strip of grass. “I can’t stand THERE,” I said, aghast. “That’s GRASS. And I’m wearing HEELS. I can’t wear HEELS on GRASS,…

pink ballerina skirt

Pass Plus

nother day, another H&M skirt… This particular skirt, especially when paired with black, makes me feel a bit like a ballerina, which, funnily enough, was one of my many short-lived childhood ambitions. I started ballet lessons purely because of my…


A sunny day and a skirt with pockets

I don’t like talking too much about the weather here. Well, I mean, I DO like talking about the weather, obviously. I AM British, after all. I would actually start an entire blog dedicated to the weather, if I thought…

polka dot pencil skirt and peep toes


Oh, look,  I’m wearing a Bardot top again, what a surprise! You just never know what I’m going to come up with next, do you? I wish I could say this off-the-shoulder obsession will be ending sometime soon, but given…

50s skirt and bardot top

Sunshine and stripes

You see this skirt, you guys? This skirt that was once a whole lot longer than it is now? Totally took that hem up all by myself. Like a BOSS. And I mean, OK, to those of you who’ve made…


Spring Gingham

I’m totally obsessed with gingham print right now. Like, OBSESSED. Even more obsessed than I was this time LAST year, in fact, and I was REALLY obsessed last year, too. Why the obsession with tiny little checks, I hear absolutely…

ASOS red scuba midi skirt

Back to Basics

It occurred to me this morning that if I’d announced on January 1st that I was going do some kind of “Wear a Full Midi Skirt Every Day for a Year” style challenge, I would currently be feeling much less…