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Paper Surprise

Remember my birthday surprises, and how you thought there was no way I could possibly still be talking about them in MAY, considering my birthday was in March? You were wrong. I still had one surprise Read more [...]

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Engraving Surprise

After all of the complaining that went down in the comments section of my post about Terry's results, I figured it was time to lighten the atmosphere a little with one of our regularly scheduled "surprise" Read more [...]

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Crispy Surprise

As well as jelly sweets, one of my other favourite food groups is the Crispy Cake: you know, just like your mother used to make? And, lo! The Crispy Surprise turned out to be: Three crispy cakes, Read more [...]

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Wax Surprise

On Sunday night Terry offered to run me a bath. Well, of course I agreed, but little did I know that Terry was about to spring the WAX SURPRISE - duh duh DUH! Because I am stupid, it took me a few Read more [...]

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Rubin’s Surprise

Well, would you look at that: looks like I DIDN'T find anything other than my birthday surprises to write about this week after all! Let's just pretend I did, OK? I won't tell if you don't... Anyway, Read more [...]

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H&M Surprise

One day soon, I will write a post here that ISN'T about the surprises Terry gave me for my birthday.  Maybe tomorrow, in fact. Or, you know, maybe not, because I'm actually quite enjoying writing posts Read more [...]

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Gel Surprise

As many of you have long since realised, I am secretly only eight years old. So when I woke up on Saturday morning and found this sitting on my desk waiting for me, naturally I shrieked like a child: And Read more [...]

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Sparkle Surprise

I called in the "Sparkle Surprise"... .... and discovered that Terry now has to be responsible for all house-cleaning duties (including ironing, yay!) for the next week.  So my house will... sparkle.  Read more [...]

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Surprise, surprise!

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I didn't mention it at the time because, well, I hate birthdays.  And because I was sulking and feeling hard-done-by on account of the fact that, wah, I just got older! But Read more [...]

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